Teen Wolf: “Silverfinger” Review

Teen WolfWelcome back, everyone, for another review of Teen Wolf. “Silverfinger” is the fifth episode so far in Season 3B, and it was every single kind of awesome. Spoilers after the jump.

Last week, “Illuminated” left us on a cliff hanger. After all of our main characters were attacked by the strange masked Death Eaters, the episode cut to a shot of Chris Argent lying wounded on the floor of his apartment alone, and supposedly dying. Turns out, he’s still alive, and “Silverfinger” begins with him exposition-bombing about a trade deal he made twenty-four years ago with Yakuza members in epic flashbacks while Allison tends to his wounds.

Chris says he doesn’t know who the Death Eaters are, but only he and one other person, a Yakuza member called Katashi, survived that night. He thinks that Katashi might know who they are, but Katashi is also a paranoid recluse, who will be hard to get in touch with. Chris, Allison, and Isaac go off to find a way to contact him, while the twins take to following Scott around all day in order to protect him from the Death Eaters, since they think the Death Eaters are after him and they still want to get back into Scott’s good graces.

Katashi tells Chris, Isaac, and Allison that the Death Eaters are actually demons called Oni. And there is no way to stop them. They are looking for something called a nogitsune, a dark kitsune, and that the mark they’ve left on Lydia’s, Derek’s, Isaac’s, and the twins’ necks is the Japanese kanji 己, which means “self”—and I totally called that last week. The mark is used to identify the people not possessed by the nogitsune, which Lady Geek Girl also totally called last week. You know, I’m really enjoying all the Japanese mythology going on and being able to recognize and point things out. It makes me feel as if my degree in Japanese isn’t entirely useless.

But you know what would have been totally awesome? If Scott and Kira could actually pronounce “kitsune” correctly.

But you know what would have been totally awesome? If Scott and Kira could actually pronounce “kitsune” correctly.

Meanwhile, Stiles is having a hard time dealing with the discovery he made at the end of the last episode—finding out he left the coded message to kill Kira—and it doesn’t help that this episode all the evidence of his involvement is gone, making him question his sanity. He goes to the hospital, where Mama McCall diagnoses him as being sleep deprived and gives him a sedative. In a truly touching moment when she’s tucking him into a hospital bed, he calls her mom. Unfortunately, the situation is probably more dire than Mama McCall lets on. She goes to look up his mother’s file, and it turns out that Claudia Stilinski suffered from the same symptoms before passing away in 2004.

Furthermore, all is not going too well with Agent McCall, either. He discovers that both Scott and Kira broke into his office in the last episode, and when he goes to confront Scott, he arrives just in time to be stabbed by one of the Oni. However, I predict that since we know nothing about him, like why he’s back in town and why he left in the first place, that he will not be dying this episode or any time soon.

While Mama McCall desperately uses her medical expertise to save Agent McCall’s life, Scott and the twins have a showdown with the Oni, and even Derek shows up to help out. Eventually, though, during a short reprieve in our epic battle, due to magical wards on Scott’s house, Scott learns over a phone call with Allison that the Oni will not hurt him. They just want to find the dark spirit.

teen-wolf-season-3-part-2-trailer-mp40000Kira is convinced that the Oni are after her, because she’s a kitsune, but Scott convinces her that she’s not possessed by evil. Holding hands, the two of them let the Oni search and mark them. The immediate threat taken care of, Mama McCall and Scott are able to rush Agent McCall to the hospital, where he will most assuredly make a full recovery.

Stiles also wakes up from the sedative Mama McCall gave him earlier. While walking around the hospital, the Oni confront him. But before they can scan him, Stiles kills the one—he pulls a firefly out of its chest, almost as if he ripped out its heart. It looks like Stiles is the one possessed by the nogitsune, and our episode ends on that scary reveal.

This episode was really enjoyable, and I loved it. I was sad, of course, that Lydia wasn’t in the episode, and as she’s a harbinger of death apparently, the fact that she wasn’t drawn to Scott’s house during the big showdown also goes to show that Agent McCall is going to make it. I really would have loved to see her this episode, to deal with the fallout from “Illuminated”, but I guess I’ll have to wait until next week.

Peter wasn’t in the episode either, and his absence was lovely.

max-carver-charlie-carver-teen-wolfThat said, the twins are continuing to grow on me. I do like that the show is making an attempt to reform them while not erasing the badness of their past. They still have to live with the consequences of their actions. Even Derek’s now calling them out on things, which is good, since since they were the ones who used Derek to kill Boyd. As much as I like villainous characters, I don’t like the trope where a single good act redeems them before they die. I call it Darth Vader Syndrome, and it’s a copout when writing, because it refuses to acknowledge what evil characters actually need to do in order to redeem themselves. A single act shouldn’t erase numerous horrible acts. By keeping the twins alive and also attempting to reform them, Teen Wolf is avoiding this trope and taking on a difficult challenge to make some truly detestable people sympathetic while still addressing their more unsavory traits. I can get behind that. Only future episodes will tell whether or not Teen Wolf will do a good job of it.

However, I’m still not too happy that all our female villains are currently dead, while all the male villains are still alive and getting redemption arcs.

teen-wolfI still think that Kira is more or less just a convenient love-interest for Scott, but she is growing on me, and as I said earlier, I do love all the mythology surrounding her character. And I like that we’re probably going to end up with a biracial couple on TV that doesn’t involve a white person. Additionally, I really like the way Kira handled discovering Scott being a werewolf from the last episode. This episode, she even asks Scott if she can see his werewolf self again, and when he obliges, she’s not put off by it. In fact, she seems to like it. This may be because she’s still coming to terms with her own supernatural-ness and likes having someone she can relate to. But I also think it’s because she’s just a genuinely accepting person.

Needless to say, I look forward to next week. Until then.

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