Trailer Tuesdays: RoboCop

I just don’t understand why I should care. I never thought RoboCop was a very interesting story anyway, even when it was an original story, and I am not at all impressed with what I have seen of the remake. Let me explain why.

The beauty of a remake is that you can do whatever you want as long as you stay true to the spirit of the original story. So why is it that every time Hollywood remakes something, they constantly cast the same white heterosexual male protagonist in the role? Why not a female RoboCop, a person of color RoboCop, or even a queer RoboCop? Heck, why not a combination of all three! (Lucy Liu as RoboCop and Gina Torres playing opposite her as her wife. Make it happen, Tumblr!)

Furthermore, the overall plot is not very compelling. Is he controlling the machine or is the machine controlling him? But wait—with sheer force of will, our male protagonist has overcome all odds and is controlling the machine. It’s just been done before.

Robocop_thumbLGI think I could forgive the overall lack of imagination on the part of this movie if they actually addressed the disability aspect of RoboCop, but the trailer and the little bit of past knowledge I have of RoboCop would indicate that that is not going to happen. RoboCop could be very interesting if our main character was considered disabled and the suit was just a tool to help him stay alive and be able to walk, etc. But sadly, everything about RoboCop comes off more as “fixing” someone who is disabled. In this trailer, we see the scientists who made the suit explaining, “It’s not a suit. It’s you,” so the movie seems to already be making a clear point that the suit isn’t aiding a disabled character, but instead that a disabled character has been fixed. Now that doesn’t mean we couldn’t still interpret RoboCop as a disabled character, but I think the movie is clearly trying to limit or just stop that idea from occurring at all.

So it looks, again, like Hollywood is treating us to more of the same, which is a shame. If we are going to be subjected to a billion remakes every year, Hollywood could at least make them interesting. But maybe I’m wrong; maybe RoboCop will be great. I doubt it, but I guess the only way to find out is to see the movie.

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  1. I just watched the original Robocop trilogy last weekend because I wanted to do that before watching the remake. I love your idea of Lucy Liu and Gina Torres. I’d buy that right away. I’m curious to see how much of the wife is in the remake, for she doesn’t have much screen time in the original ones, nor it is a big part of the story (in my view). I really liked his professional female partner in the original though (who was turned into male if I know well in this remake, which I don’t know why). Anyway, now I have Lucy Liu and Gina Torres stuck in my brain!

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