Will You Be Watching the Supernatural Spinoff?

supernatural-tribes-casts-vampire-diaries-alum--episodes-actorIf you haven’t heard the news already, Supernatural has not only been renewed for a 10th (and possibly 11th) season, it’s also going to get a spinoff series of its very own! Supernatural: Tribes is going to be introduced through the April 29th episode of Supernatural, which will count as the show’s backdoor pilot.

So what is Tribes going to be about? According to review site Screen Rant:

The premise concerns an ongoing organized crime-like battle between various powerful monster families for control of the city, a fight normally waged under the noses of its unsuspecting human residents. Buzolic will portray David Hayden, a repentant shapeshifter and member of one of the ruling families. David grew tired with the monster life years ago, and has been living as a human for some time.

Laviscount will play Ennis Roth, a police academy cadet whose fiancée was killed in the crossfire during a violent encounter between two of the feuding families. Ennis subsequently uncovered the truth about the various creatures that go bump in the night, leading him to dedicate his life to ridding his city of their influence. How David and Ennis end up involved in each other’s lives is still unclear, although it’s pretty much a given that they’ll end up working together.

The show will be set in a monster-fied Chicago, so it won’t have quite the road-tripping cachet of the original Supernatural, but it looks like Tribes will be like The Godfather—except with more monsters and more gore. (If we’re lucky, maybe there’ll be a monster version of a hose head in someone’s bed, too.) Still, the concept isn’t particularly groundbreaking—both mafia and monster mafia have been done before, and hiding a supernatural war from the human world? That’s all over Supernatural, not to mention Harry Potter and The Mortal Instruments.

Even the casting isn’t particularly groundbreaking: yes, I’m thrilled that there’s a lead character of color, but in a post-Sleepy Hollow, Almost Human, and Elementary (not to mention Pacific Rim, in film) world, having lead characters of color is hopefully now seen as the norm it should be, rather than just “a ratings gimmick” or something that’s “pandering to minorities”.

Supernatural: Tribes is going to star upcoming English actor Lucien Laviscount alongside Australian actor Nathaniel Buzolic. As they’ll be playing characters who’ve lived in Chicago for a long time, let’s hope their American accents are up to par.

I’ll be back with a review of Tribes’s backdoor pilot on April 29th! Until then, here’s a clip of Buzolic in The Vampire Diaries and another of Laviscount in the U.K.’s Celebrity Big Brother.

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