Trailer Tuesdays: Orphan Black Season 2

It’s been an awfully long wait, but this month we finally get more of Orphan Black, as Season 2 premieres on April 19th. We haven’t talked about the show much on this blog except to tell you that you should watch it, but with the new season rapidly approaching, expect lots of clone-related fangirling from yours truly.

Last season ended with Sarah realizing that she’d only just scratched the surface of the clone conspiracy. Between gene patents, mysterious respiratory illnesses, assassination attempts, custody battles, and eleventh-hour reveals, the stakes were higher than ever.

This season looks to be even more exciting than the last, because now that we’ve got the expository stuff out of the way, we can really dig into both the plot and the relationships between characters. From this trailer it seems like we’ll be seeing a lot more of Rachel this time around, which I think will be interesting. In Season 1 she only appeared a few times, essentially as the final boss of the first season’s plot. Given her prominence in the trailer, I think we’ll finally be learning more about her, and there has to be a good story explaining why a clone would choose to help an organization that wants to kill all her genetic identicals.

We’ll also be continuing to meet new clones, as this Entertainment Weekly article reveals. Jennifer Fitzsimmons is a Midwestern swim coach who Cosima discovers while trying to learn more about her own illness.

orphan-black-01Given the way Jennifer looks in the ‘after’ treatment image, I’m wondering if that bald clone in the morgue in the trailer is a post-mortem Jennifer. The unfortunate thing about having all the clones be, well, identical, is that they could show us a dead Tatiana Maslany face and it could be pretty much anyone from Beth to Allison to Cosima to Helena et cetera ad infinitum. I’m really hoping, though, that discovering Jennifer will help Cosima recover—as our one canonically gay clone she has a special place in my heart, and I don’t want her to die of a horrible wasting disease.

One of the things Stinekey did complain about in her review of the first season was a lack of diverse racial representation. While I understand that over half of the cast is made up of the same white lady playing different people and that can’t be helped, it would be nice to have some more PoC characters introduced this season. Art is cool, but he’s basically the only recurring nonwhite character and that’s not very cool.

Other than that, I’m not particularly demanding about the next season. Orphan Black is not a show that’s disappointed me so far, so I’m just excited to see what happens more than anything. We’ll be back with a review of the premiere in three weeks, my Clone Club friends! See you then!

season 2 cast pic