Trailer Tuesdays: Star Wars Rebels

Thus far, I have found two trailers for this series. There’s the one above, and there’s another that’s only around fifteen seconds long and features a lone ship flying through space. All in all, I didn’t find either of them particularly compelling. However, for those like me who were wishing to know more about the series, Disney has thankfully released a clip or two already and a couple “Meet the Characters” videos.

So sure, neither of the trailers I found really tell me all that much, but the characters themselves seem interesting enough, and there’s one that I’m really excited to learn more about: Sabine.

Yeah, she’s someone who I can easily see myself falling in love with, which is good, because unfortunately for me, Ahsoka Tano is nowhere to be seen.

One reason why I find myself drawn to Sabine so much is that she’s an artist, so I know right away that there’s a good chance I will be able to relate to her easily. She also looks pretty badass, and being from Mandalore, she’s good at handling weapons. Moreover, she’s not the only major female character that Rebels is going to feature. We’ve also got Hera.

What’s neat about Hera is that she appears to be in a leadership position for our ragtag group of rebels. And as she’s also a Twi’lek, maybe I’ll get my wish that Star Wars will talk more about minority issues. For those of you who are unaware, in the Star Wars universe, Twi’leks have a pretty shitty history that only started to get better after the fall of the Sith Empire, and even then, they’re still a really oppressed minority group. They were often sold as slaves—the females would be sex slaves—and on certain planets, like Tatooine, that still seems to be the case.

star-wars-rebels-video-heraOf course, it won’t be the same as actually featuring real people who face social inequality—after all, Twi’leks aren’t real—but at the very least, with Hera’s character, Star Wars can still attempt to talk about racism, slavery, and sexual violence. As Rebels is still a kid’s show, I doubt it will go into rape culture all that much, or even at all, but racism and slavery are definitely two things that I can see the show discussing in a manner appropriate to children. It wasn’t as if The Clone Wars shied away from showing oppression, murder, espionage, or war crimes—which are not things I would commonly associate with a kid’s show—so I doubt Rebels will shy away from these issues as well.

Additionally, our rebel group also features a former Jedi, Kanan, and a force-sensitive con-artist named Exra. While I’m not as excited about them as I am about Sabine and Hera, they do look pretty interesting and I would love to learn more about what happened to the remaining Jedi between Episodes III and IV, since I have never looked into the expanded universe all that much. (That was probably for the best, since Disney doesn’t seem to care for it that much either.)

I do still have some reservations about the show, but this is something that I’m looking forward to. I thought The Clone Wars was fairly mediocre when it started, but it definitely improved as the seasons progressed. The people behind it definitely cared about it, and that showed a lot in its characterizations and plot. That appears to be the case here, and it does give me high hopes for the show.

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