Web Crush Wednesdays: Femslash Revolution

Web Crush WednesdaysIf you are a regular reader of our blog, you may have noticed something: namely, we are big fans of queer ladies being included in things. Whether it’s a plea to include more lesbians in media or to write more femslash, there are few things we are more adamant about than the representation of LGBTQ+ women in popular culture.

It’s probably not surprising to know that we are not the only ones who are invested in queer female inclusion, and that’s where this week’s Web Crush enters the picture.

Femslash Revolution is a Tumblr devoted to showcasing f/f relationships in all their variations. From their FAQ:

We accept recs for both original and derivative works in any media which are primarily focussed on one or more F/F relationships. This includes:

  • Relationships which are sexual and/or romantic.
  • Committed platonic and/or queerplatonic relationships.
  • Polyamorous relationships.
  • Relationships involving cis women, trans* women or non-binary people.

Femslash Revolution is the brainchild of Tumblr user centrumlumina, whom you may recognize from some of our previous posts as the mastermind behind the Archive of Our Own user census and the detailed breakdown of which ships are most popular on the AO3. The Femslash Revolution blog was partially inspired by the latter, because that list of fifty-one pairings included exactly zero queer female pairings.

femslash revolution logoOne of the particularly nice things about this blog is that it’s entirely submission-based. Because of this, the content is not limited to only the fandoms that the mods are familiar with; instead, any pairing from any fandom may show up in their posts. In fact, the lists of fandoms and pairings that they’ve previously featured on their site is downright impressive, with dozens of fandoms and easily over a hundred ships.

The site also features all sorts of posts, from fanart to fanfic to meta to the occasional smut and everything in between. In fact, similar to our own humble blog, they follow a schedule that guarantees they’ll always have a wide variety of content, as each day has a theme for its content:

If your dash is sadly bereft of femslash or if you just need a few more queer ladies in your life, Femslash Revolution is the site for you. Representing LGBTQ+ women in fanworks is awesome, and so is supporting the creators who produce those works, so we can’t express enough love for a site that celebrates both.

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