Web Crush Wednesdays: Satan and Me

There are days when you want to seek out something meaningful, something that begs your immediate undivided attention. Then there are days when you just want to look at something silly and a little bit sweet. Today, I’m more than pleased to serve you a big ol’ helping of the latter.

Web Cursh Wednesdays

Summoning the devil or binding a demon to one’s will isn’t an unfamiliar plotline in stories, especially in the modern era. I’m willing to admit, though, that this idea is usually utilized in a supernatural horror setting where the pact-maker eventually gets possessed or some other comparable grisly fate. Not so fun. Thanks to a comic drawn by viivus on Tumblr, we have a new, entertaining approach to this idea.

It’s unconventional, yes, but that’s what makes it so great. And from my point of view, I’d love to think that having my period might bring me something more useful than a week full of cramps and a hatred of everything on this green earth. No matter how unconventional they may be, most comics on Tumblr are either destined to die quickly or be reblogged until they have tens of thousands of notes. However, this comic had an idea that couldn’t be contained; a premise that would be a sin to let die. Enter orange-plum and their comic Satan and Me.

Satan and Me isn’t really a comic in the traditional sense, it’s much closer to a 4koma: a short vignette that usually fits four comic panels with the stories between the different comics relating only in theme, if at all. So, if you’re looking for a comic to get into, but don’t really want to commit to one with an in-depth story or hundreds of pages, this comic is right up your alley. I’m sure most everyone can get behind Nat, the protagonist, as she learns how to deal with the fact that Satan is now living in her home. She handles her lot gracefully considering the circumstances—if Satan appeared to me suddenly, I think I’d be freaking out a lot more. Seeing Nat force the king of the underworld to take the form of a young child when they go out or Satan getting back at her by interacting with her non-supernatural friends is incredibly entertaining. Not to mention that orange-plum’s art style is incredible; I’d sell my soul to be able to draw like that (ha ha, okay I’ll stop that).

Satan and Me only started in earnest about a week ago, so now’s a perfect time to start reading! There’s no update schedule as of now, but that’s fine, really. I’m excited to see what hijinks Nat and Satan will get into next—I’m even more excited to see if Nat’s friend Michael is, in actuality, the angel Michael (also Satan’s brother)!

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