Moonies Rejoice! Sailor Moon Re-release Coming to a Computer Screen Near You

Looking back, I find it humorously convenient that our own BrothaDom wrote a post about nostalgia only last week, and now here I am, standing in the aftermath of one of the hugest nostalgia bombs to go off in my fandoms in a while. As with many kids of my generation, we grew up watching DBZ and Sailor Moon in the wee hours of the morning before school, during that wonderful block of programming called Toonami. Today, I’m more than happy to announce that we Moonies will be able to re-live our childhood with an entirely new dubbing of the original series!

TFW all your dreams come true

TFW all your dreams come true.

If you’ve been keeping up with the Sailor Moon buzz, you’ll know that Sailor Moon Crystal is coming out soon as well. To distinguish, Crystal is an entirely new series which takes the original Sailor Moon formula and brings it up to date with a new cast of girls that bear a striking resemblance to their predecessors. While I’m excited for that as well, I’m much more excited for this revamp of the original four seasons.

There is, of course, the nostalgia factor. Sailor Moon has been a part of my life ever since I was six—which means about eighteen years—and it’s been incredible to watch the franchise grow in America alongside me. From obscure morning cartoon to huge defining voice of not only a subset of girls and anime/manga alike, but for a generation as a whole, this series really has influenced the impact artistic mediums, especially cartoons, can have across ages and countries. I dare say Sailor Moon is even universal with its impact. It’s the first series I drew fanart for, the first series I made a fan character for (she was Sailor Sun and she was awesome, okay?), and the first series I bonded with other fans over. Even typing about it now I’m getting all wistful and teary-eyed. So yes; for myself and countless other Sailor Moon fans, this revamp is extremely personal. Like coming home.

I’m not hating on the original dub, though. Firstly, if you don’t like “Sailor Says”, fuck you. Sorry, sorry: too harsh. Also, I know I’m in the minority here, but I adored Serena’s voice actress in the old school version; it’s going to be strange to hear someone else’s voice coming out of my favorite meatball head. With Serena and every other character there was a charm around the characters, granted by the original cast, that really exemplified just how nerdy they all were (and not how much America lacked voice acting expertise. Nope). However, I’m interested to see how the story is presented with a new script and a fresh set of actresses.

No one was buying it anyway.

No one was buying it anyway.

Outside of this personal level, this re-release is even more important. There’s certainly the fact that a whole new generation of girls and boys will have the chance to watch this empowering show. Since Viz Media, the distributor, is putting episodes of the new dub on YouTube, new and old audiences alike will have much easier access to the show than if Viz simply released it in a box set. And even though cartoons are getting better about equal representation, there’ll really never be enough shows touting female empowerment. Another important aspect is that since Viz made clear that they were re-adding all previously cut content, that means this re-release will also have some pretty fantastic LGBTQ+ representation. At long last Haruka and Michiru, better known as Sailor Uranus and Neptune respectively, will be able to express their relationship for what it is: a loving, intense lesbian relationship. Not cousins. Similarly, Zoisite and Kunzite will have their gay relationship shown in all of its glory. Not to mention that I think this re-release will treat the StarS season with more grace than it would have had a dub been attempted back during Sailor Moon‘s original run.

No matter the reason you may be excited about this—for purely sentimental reasons, excitement for another cartoon that doesn’t sensationalize LGBTQ+ people and relationships in addition to providing young girls and boys with great role models in the shape of Sailor Scouts, or maybe you’re not really excited at all—I think most of us can agree that Sailor Moon getting this new breath of life is a great move, or at least cool. In reading Viz’s earlier re-release of the Sailor Moon manga, I know it’ll take some time getting used to the incoming changes (I will never not call Usagi ‘Serena’), but I have full confidence that it’ll turn out well. No Moon Prism Power necessary.

Mark your calendars!

Mark your calendars for… shit, that’s today! (See a compilation of the Viz tweets @ luna-whisker’s Tumblr)

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3 thoughts on “Moonies Rejoice! Sailor Moon Re-release Coming to a Computer Screen Near You

  1. I don’t think I could possibly be more excited for this! I hope they translate and re-record the songs too. Even though I will miss DiC’s music…

  2. The English voice sample in the preview make Usagi/Serena sound like a mouse. Viz better not screw it up. Viz needs to dub and remaster Goldfish Warning/Kingyo Chuuihou as referring to the Wapiko plushie in Season 1 Ep 25.

    It’s would be better they kept some of the English names because Odango or “bun-head” or Usagi or “Bunny” doesn’t make any sense. They can keep Cooan and Beruche, but I prefer keeping Prisma and Avery over Petz and Calaveras. Whoever’s idea wanting to keep all the original Japanese names needs to stop acting like they’re Japanese. I’m an American and I do not act like I’m Japanese.

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