Theatre Thursdays: Sailor Moon Musical 2014

Sera Myu Petite Etrangere CastFollowing the success of last summer’s La Reconquista, Sailor Moon will once again take to the stage in an all new musical production. This summer’s presentation is titled Petite Étrangere (“Little Stranger”) and will focus on the Black Moon arc of the manga, which makes up the latter portion of the anime’s second season. The majority of the La Reconquista cast has been confirmed to return. So far the only replacement is Koyama Momoyo, who’s stepping into the role of Sailor Mercury in place of Matsuura Miyabi.

Personally, this news makes me very excited. For starters, the fact that Yamato Yuuga is returning as Tuxedo Mask implies that this will be another all-female cast, which is great. Additionally, I am anxious to see how the cast has improved now that they’ve had so much experience working together and being on stage.

SM_logo_0424When I thought about the possibility of more musicals after La Reconquista, I wondered if they would try to have continuous casts like the original musicals or if they would re-cast each new show as a standalone piece. While the latter option would have been interesting, given that it would have meant lots of new approaches to the characters, I really hoped that this new era of the musicals would continue in the tradition of the originals. It gives fans more of a chance to connect with the performers, it gives the performers themselves the chance to develop chemistry with each other, and it makes it possible for the performers to develop their characters. While I was pleased overall with the cast’s performances last year, I did think they appeared a little green and had more to offer than what they showed. I’m thrilled that most of them are going to get another chance to take on these roles and hopefully this time around have a little more stage presence.

On top of my excitement for the cast, I am even more excited to see my favorite story arc back on stage! The Black Moon Clan is my favorite set of villains by a wide margin and the previous musicals to feature this story (Tanjou! Ankoku no Princess Black Lady and its Kaiteiban) are two of my favorites. I wonder how many of the villains will be included this time around. While the previous shows featured Wiseman, Demand, Saphir, Esmeraude, Rubeus, and the four Supernatural Sisters, I wouldn’t be surprised if Petite Étrangere cut down on the villains. La Reconquista had a more streamlined feel than the original Myus and only had six villains.

Much as I hate to say it, if any cuts are made, I hope it’s the Supernatural Sisters. I love them, and I love each of the Sailor Soldiers having to fight someone who uses the same powers as themselves (this gave us one of the best battle scenes in the original anime!), but I think the dynamics of the four clan leaders makes the better story and I would hate to lose their character conflicts.

I love you ladies. Really, I do, but I can live without you in this musical.

I love you ladies. Really, I do, but I can live without you in this musical.

Hopefully no cuts need to be made, but even if they are, there’s plenty to be excited for with this musical! It will include the first revival appearances of Chibiusa, Black Lady, and the mysterious Sailor Pluto. It also shows that the producers recognize that the musicals are a profitable venture and may continue to be made. Hopefully we will at least see a musical for each of the three remaining arcs of the manga.