Fanfiction Fridays: Coffee by JackVelvet

Coffee by JackVelvet is a fic I read back in the day at the height of the Nolanverse Batman craze. I was obsessed with the pairing Jonathan Crane/Bruce Wayne (aka Scarecrow/Batman), which was, unsurprisingly, a rare pairing. It is just like me to get hooked on a pairing almost no one is writing about. And when I did find any Wayne/Crane fic, a lot of it was just smut. No lengthy fic, no plot, no character development; it was boring. There were maybe two other lengthy, well-written Wayne/Crane fics out there, and I had already read them both. And then, dearest JackVelvet (admittedly a friend of mine from my LiveJournal days) wrote Coffee, and blew me away.

I mean look at all the chemistry they have! And their names rhyme! Seriously there should be more fic for these two.

I mean look at all the chemistry they have! And their names rhyme! Seriously there should be more fic for these two.

Not only is this pairing a rare one, but both Batman and Scarecrow hate each other. And while many fanfic authors would idly brush that hatred aside in favor of sex and romance, JackVelvet takes the time to build a believable setting in which these two characters would grow to fall in love with each other.

“But it’s snowing, just like you said it would.”

A light sigh. No eye contact yet. “I said that they said it would be snowing. I’m not a weatherman.”

“You’re not? What do you do then?” The vegan blueberry isn’t terrible. Looks like he has one on his plate too. Takes his coffee with cream, possibly soy milk.

“I sit here and listen to the idle and boring talk of billionaires. The pay is next to nothing.”

“I didn’t know Gotham’s billionaires all stopped into Le Café.”

Crane set the paper down and turned to face him, a slight smile on his face. “And you don’t think that you’re one of them?”

He’s amused by me. “Am I?”

“I suppose that I can say you weren’t as bad as yesterday.” An inkling of a smile remained.

Good. Build rapport. “What’s today’s headline?”

Crane flipped the paper over and showcased the page to Bruce. It read:

Batman Caught in Shakedown

“He’s still around?”

“You don’t read the news much, do you?”

“Not really.”

Our story begins with Bruce stepping into a hipster coffee shop looking for a snack and Pretty Scarecrowbeverage, only to run into Jonathan Crane, recently released from Arkham Asylum. Bruce attempts to befriend Crane under the guise of learning if Crane is still a threat, and he tries to figure out if Crane is involved in the recent theft of narcotics in Gotham. Although he quickly discovers Crane is not involved, someone is trying to recreate Crane’s fear toxin. The whole fic focuses on how Bruce must stop the thieves from making Crane’s toxin, protect Crane from being kidnapped, and all the while keep his identity hidden from Crane, whom he is starting to fall in love with.

The whole thing is very well done and fits within the Nolanverse canon (though I should mention it was written before The Dark Knight Rises so I guess it would be AU now). But what really sells this story for me is not the main pairing, but the side characters. The Nolan movies are a sausagefest and Rachel was there solely as a plot device for the male characters. So I am one hundred percent down for any inclusion of female characters who are more than eye candy and plot devices, and Coffee includes three original female characters: Tara and Lucy, who both work at the coffee shop Bruce and Jon frequent, and Jenny, who is a friend of Jon’s from when they both attended college. All three original characters manage to contribute to the story, have their own lives and unique personalities without outshining the main characters.

It’s an excellent fanfic which I highly recommend, and, clocking in at 39,935 words and twelve chapters, it’s guaranteed to make for an enjoyable afternoon.

Happy Bruce

A fanfic so good it makes Bruce Wayne smile.