Web Crush Wednesdays: Nerdy and Quirky and Elise

jr9fangirls1111It’s Web Crush Wednesdays again! This week’s Web Crush is a YouTube channel and webcomic done by the same lovely lady. Nerdy and Quirky and Elise are two must sees for any geek looking to laugh.

Both the YouTube channel Nerdy and Quirky and the webcomic Elise were started by a young woman named Sabrina. At only sixteen, she started her own YouTube channel, created a webcomic, and got the support of John Green.


Nerdy and Quirky is hilarious and filled with funny videos fangirls are sure to enjoy. She posts videos about everything from making a TARDIS cake to her love for anime, and so much more. Check out this one about how to take care of a fangirl.

But that’s not all. She has videos about her first time jogging, videos about young adult literature, and she even has videos about how to attract a mate. All are incredibly funny and well, quirky, as the name suggests. She also discusses more serious issues. After the Isla Vista shooting in May, she posted an awesome video explaining why she needs feminism. It’s great and inspired a Tumblr gifset that I happily reblog whenever I see it.

As I mentioned before, Sabrina also posts a webcomic about a young girl named Elise. The comic follows the titular Elise through different events or problems in her day-to-day life, and attempts to make entertaining jokes in just four panels. The comic basically just details amusing events and situations for Elise’s life with no real continuous plot, but it doesn’t need one. Despite having no linear story, it’s still a good read. Below are some of my favorites.




tumblr_n2aexeVAsP1tvvbr2o2_1280In short, Sabrina is a talented internet personality that you should definitely be paying attention to. You can find her YouTube channel here, her webcomic here, and her Tumblr here. So go check her out.