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Web Crush WednesdaysOver the weekend I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy, and despite glowingly positive reviews across most of the interwebs, I didn’t particularly like it. I’ve been a little iffy about Marvel’s Phase 2 movies—I especially hated Iron Man 3—so it made me a little nostalgic for the earlier Phase 1 movies, which I had generally liked.

Enter today’s web crush: MediAvengers.

MediAvengers, a portmanteau of the words “media” and “avengers”, does what you might expect from its name: the creator, Kim, posts Photoshopped versions of today’s magazines (UsWeekly, TIME, The Economist, and the like) with newly created content about the Avengers and related superheroes. Each magazine, as you might imagine, takes a different tack as to how to cover these superheroes: UsWeekly and tabloid publications like the National Enquirer gossip about everyone’s love lives, while National Geographic celebrates Dr. Jane Foster and the National Review plays up the supposed awesomeness of of Justin Hammer. In movies like Iron Man and The Avengers, the MCU producers have gotten real news anchors and pundits to be part of their story, so this just seems like the logical next step in today’s hyperreal world.

via MediAvengers

via MediAvengers. Definitely the funniest tabloid I’ve ever read.

To add another fun layer of meta-analysis onto it, Kim posts each entry as if she’s an outsider who has happened to pick up the magazine in question, and offers comments in this vein. For instance, in an entry about OK! magazine’s supposed “in-depth” report on Thor, she says:

OK! does a feature page on Norse mythology, and doesn’t venture much further than the Wikipedia page for the information. Quality gossip rag reporting, as usual.

Quality reporting, indeed. We’re allowed to have some fun at the media’s expense, judging them for the usual trifecta of poor research, falsified romantic drama, and outright lying, while indulging in some trashy reading ourselves.

MediAvengers has recently become even more meta by taking “photos” of two movies to be made about the Battle of New York—one a blow-everything-up action “movie” by Michael Bay, and the other a political thriller by David Fincher (and possibly Aaron Sorkin). Yes, this comes complete with casting announcements for the Avengers’ roles in both movies. After looking at the lists, I know which one I would watch—if only these were real!

via MediAvengers. Tony seems pretty excited to have not one but two movies about him -- of course.

via MediAvengers. Tony seems pretty excited to have not just one, but two movies about him—obviously.

You can join in the fun at MediAvengers’s website here, and you can follow them on deviantART, Facebook, and Twitter! Check it out today.

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  1. I understand that ” Guardians ” has Karen Gillan, who played Amy Pond in Doctor Who, & who is now starring in a mediocre live – action series on Cartoon Network’s ” Adult Swim ” evening block. Surely she’s not that desparate for work !

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