Fanfiction Fridays: Asexuality and Dragon Age

Bioware recently released another trailed for their upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition game. Since they pushed its release date back a month—and hopefully will remain only a month—I am really hurting for things to fill the void in the meantime. Of course, I could just play the games again for what would most likely literally be the thirtieth time for either, but why do that when I can turn to the world of fanfiction?

Spoilers: I will definitely end up playing the game again.

Spoilers: I will definitely end up playing the game again.

Inquisition is already slated to take a huge step towards representation in terms of queer romances. As of now, there are two bisexual romance options, in addition to a purely lesbian and a purely gay romance option. With statements from the developers at Bioware that these romantic paths can focus more on romance rather than sleeping with the character, players can get closer to having asexual representation than ever before. Although this is a great start, many players crave visible asexual representation in a series that’s been working so hard to be more inclusive. In light of this, today I have two drabbles featuring asexual characters completely owning their asexuality despite the norms of a society that isn’t exactly accepting of it.

First off is Love In All Its Forms by Anonymous (ah, the problem with kinkmemes). This is a short little request fill in which an asexual Hawke—the player-protagonist from Dragon Age 2—rebuffs the claims of her companions. Most of Hawke’s companions are in tune with the sexual nature of the city they live in. Hell, one of the most well-known establishments in the city is a brothel! However, in this piece Hawke makes the claim that they do not need to have a sexual partner to experience love or to feel fulfilled. It’s a cute little story with a cheeky Hawke who is so unapologetic about her asexuality that you can’t help but cheer her on. It brought a smile to my face, at least.

-- Art by the incomparable Aimo

—Art by the incomparable Aimo

The second piece is actually an excerpt from a longer series, “The Broken Doll” series. Again another story by an anonymous source, this section titled Mosaic takes a look at another asexual Hawke character. However, this time, instead of having a friendly conversation in a bar, Hawke is instead trying to please her mother by finding a suitor so that the Hawke lineage can continue. What I really enjoy about this drabble is that so many different sexualities are brought up and accepted. Hawke is not looked down upon for her asexuality: not by the man she feels romantically attracted to nor the man that is her intended. Her romantic partner is not seen as disgusting for having a sexual preference that Hawke does not fill, and is instead encouraged to seek out partners that will be able to give him what he wants in that department. And there’s even an implied healthy polyamorous—or polyphilial at least—relationship. Also, the writing is fantastic; you could probably guess that by now, but I figured I’d throw it in anyway.

Neither of these pieces are very long, but they fill a need that the actual games have failed to fill to this point. Although there is hope Bioware’s future endeavors will add more LGBTQ+ representation—representation that will not entirely rely on the player projecting on a creatable protagonist—for now we have headcanoning and meta discussions. And, as always, fanfic.

Do you know of any asexual, or otherwise LGBTQ+, Dragon Age fic? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. When I saw the new trailer I practically exploded! 😀 I am so ready for this game!

    I have to admit the dragon age world and their inclusion of many things is the perfect place for all types of fanfiction and pairings! Will definitely check these out.

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