Trailer Tuesdays: The Walking Dead Season 5

I’m not sure whether to be excited for this season, or to dread it. Last season left me very ambivalent—parts of it, like the Governor’s storyline, I really hated. Yet some things, such as “The Grove”, I absolutely adored. I can only hope this season has learned from the shortcomings of the last one.

Season 4 left off with our group making it to Terminus and discovering that it’s not the safe haven they initially thought it would be. The people at Terminus capture and lock up our survivors for what I can only assume to be cannibalistic, and possibly ritualistic, purposes. I would say that maybe The Walking Dead was planning on opening up a discussion on unsavory religious practices, especially since it looks as though our Atlanta survivors and Terminus survivors are going to team up at some point—but from what I saw during the Season 4 finale, it didn’t look like anything other than generic “evil religion”.

Look! There’re candles and body parts! They must be evil religious people!

Look! There’re candles and body parts! They must be evil religious people!

On a more positive note, this trailer has confirmed Beth’s survival thus far, and I can only hope that she lives long enough to be reunited with Daryl and the other survivors. As I have stopped reading the comics, I have no reference for what her current location might be. However, it’s possible that she’s also at Terminus with everyone else, and is simply in a different part of the compound. The other theory I’ve seen people mention—since the car that took her had a cross on it, and she looks as though she’s in a hospital of some kind—is that she’s with Father Gabriel, whom I can’t really talk about because I don’t know anything about him. From what I can read without spoiling myself too much, Father Gabriel looks as though he’s someone who’s trying to do the right thing, or at the very least, trying to atone for his past mistakes.

That said, the people who took Beth seem rather abusive, so right now, I’m not putting too much stock into the Father Gabriel theory.

Other than that, I’m really looking forward to seeing more of Glenn and Tara’s relationship, and I do wonder if the other characters will ever find out the role Tara played during the destruction of the prison, or how they’ll react to Carol’s reappearance—assuming neither of them die—or even Tyrese’s forgiveness for Carol’s actions last season.

We’ll just have to wait until October to find out. Until then.

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