Web Crush Wednesdays: Bara Demon and Guy

Web Crush WednesdaysI spend a lot of time on Tumblr, and so I have to ask: is it just me, or does Tumblr seem to be really, really into demons? There’s the conventionally attractive demons on Supernatural, of course, and demons, devils, and the Devil have made their way into most genre media. But the concept of demons seems to be, well, Tumblr vogue—especially the cute, grumpy type. Just look at Tumblr’s webcomics: Satan and Me, Belial and Reno, and now today’s web crush: Bara Demon and Guy.

Bara Demon and Guy started as part of the Tumblr Everyday Comics, where, as per the  title, there’s a comic a day: seven artists post one comic each, one day a week. Each week the artists draw some variation on a theme: zombies, dinosaurs, mechas, you know, normal stuff. The theme for Week 38 was “devil”, which is when artist tohdaryl came up with the great idea for a normal guy to date… the devil.

In the style of other such webcomics, there’s no linear plot to the adventures of Bara Demon and Guy—I’m still waiting on tenterhooks for them to get their own names, though “bara” comes from a Japanese genre of gay erotica that features hairy, muscular, often hypermasculine guys. However, in accordance with each week’s theme, you can see the duo struggle through dinner with Guy’s parents, meet Bara Demon’s brother (who has his own powers and weird problems with a Leviathan), and just generally be adorable cross-species demon boyfriends.

Much more adorable than these two.

Much more adorable than these two.

Thanks to the interactive reblogging nature of Tumblr, Bara Demon and Guy has also spawned countless fanarts and tributes to tohdaryl’s artwork—I particularly like tohdaryl’s own contribution, in which they drew their demon boyfriends on a double date with captainhanni’s Belial and Reno. Not only is this webcomic awesome, it basically has its own fandom, encouraged by a creator who isn’t afraid to take part in some good fandom fun. If that’s not an excellent use of social media, I don’t know what is.

You can follow Everyday Comics here, where Bara Demon and Guy has its own tag; you can also follow the artist at their personal Tumblr. Check it out today!

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