Trailer Tuesdays: Supernatural Season 10

Watch out, world. In just one short week, Supernatural will be returning to a television or computer near you for its tenth season. “But how?!” I hear you saying. “How did they get a tenth season?!”

Nobody knows how. They probably made a deal.

Judging from the above trailer, it looks like via the medium of demon!Dean, or “Deanmon” as we’re apparently calling him, we are going to revisit all of Supernatural’s greatest hits. As Dean is now a demon, he’s going to be even more aggressively heterosexual and hypermasculine than usual, because that’s how demons act, obviously. In the scant minute and a half trailer, we see Dean going to a strip joint, punching out a bouncer, drinking some beer, looking at some porn, and having some (heterosexual) sex. We also see Sam torturing a woman, Cas telling Sam that his brother isn’t who Sam thinks he is, and, of course, we don’t see a single person of color anywhere.

Supernatural’s misogyny and racism aside, I’m not sure that Deanmon is going to be the greatest thing for the show or for anyone’s character development. “Ha ha,” I hear you say, “character development? On Supernatural?” Right, my bad. But not only is Dean never going to learn from any of his mistakes, it also looks like he’s going to be really chill with Crowley asking him to beat some people up. In Season 4 of aeons past, becoming a metaphorical demon and torturing people under Alastair was one of Dean’s greatest sources of manpain, and Dean’s fear of himself has been a driving force in many a season. So, so far, Deanmon is really only erasing some of the depth to Dean’s character, while enhancing the shallower, hornier parts. Sam seems pretty intent on getting Dean back, which may be an interesting shift in the brothers’ dynamic, but which may also mean that Sam has given up on ever getting out of the life like he seemed to want to do throughout most of Season 9 (and, really, the rest of the series). Cas’s only scene in the trailer was to talk to Sam about his brother, and as Cas is supposed to be either 1) leader of the angels again or 2) coming stoically to terms with his own mortality, I hope this won’t end up like Season 6, where Cas was supposed to be fighting a really baller angel war but all we got to see of it was the parts of it that pertained to Sam and Dean.

Other things we know about Season 10: there will be a “musical-ish” episode, Sheriff Mills will be back, there may yet be another Supernatural spinoff, and… Season 10 may not be the last season of Supernatural. Yikes.

Are you looking forward to next week? Let me know in the comments.

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