Trailer Tuesdays: Arrow Season 3

Arrow comes back tomorrow, so I will be the first to admit I’m cutting this trailer review a little close. That said, I’ll also be the first to admit that I’m psyched as hell for Arrow Season 3.

Since it’s what the trailer starts with, let’s talk right away about the Ollie/Felicity romance vibe. On one hand, I’ve shipped it since the first season, so I’m certainly down with it becoming canon. On the other hand, though, I figured that it would be a bit more slow-burning after the events of the Season 2 finale. I wasn’t expecting this caliber of flirtatiousness, let alone at the forefront of the trailer. As both a shipper and a fan of realistic character development, I hope that their relationship proceeds in a natural way. (I also hope that the vague whispers I’ve heard about Felicity becoming Oracle don’t manifest themselves, because it’ll be very hard to frame her becoming disabled as something not intended to fuel Ollie’s manpain, especially if they’re in a romantic relationship.)

Brandon Routh’s character looks to be our new corporate antagonist. I mean, he’s kind of smarmy so I’m assuming he’s an antagonist. I’m wondering if he’ll turn out to be affiliated with the superpowered villain like Isabel Rochev was or if he’s just a bro-y businessman. I’d kind of prefer the latter, to be honest, as it makes it seem less like everything is a huge conspiracy threatening Oliver on all fronts. I’d rather he has many smaller conflicts, as that makes for more interesting TV than one giant one. Also, it’ll take some trying to not make a million Scott Pilgrim vegan jokes about him.

It's milk and eggs, bitch.

It’s milk and eggs, bitch. (via taringa)

Diggle doesn’t feature much in the trailer save for the voiceover, so I’m hoping that he’ll continue to get his own storylines the way he did last season. While sticking with Oliver will get him more screentime by way of Ollie being the main character, it was also nice to see Diggle step out of the sidekickyness of that role and kick some ass on his own terms.

Speaking of one’s own terms, I wonder under whose terms Sara is back in Starling. Not that I’m complaining—more screentime may even mean the oft-alluded to, never-spoken-of b-word (*cough*bisexual*cough*) is actually mentioned on television. Also, I really like Sara. But anyway, at the end of last season she basically traded away her freedom to Nyssa and the League of Assassins in exchange for their help, so I’m wondering if she’s broken her contract or is back as a League representative.

We also get a very brief glimpse of Thea, who’s apparently training with Malcolm, beating the crap out of some vases. I personally thought that Moira’s death, while stupid on many fronts, was especially hurtful to Thea’s character, since so much of her Season 2 development was wrapped up in her relationship with her mother—I am curious to see how Malcolm twists her grief and what her anger does to her character.

That said, it does overall look like the show’s gonna be stepping back from the ~intense intensity~ that was the end of last season; the lighthearted tone of the trailer at least gives me hope for that. I’ll be happily tuning in tomorrow night—what about you?


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  1. That sound you hear is me bouncing off the walls excited for this show to come back.

    Because of who Ray is, it never occurred to me he might be working with a supervillian, but… that might actually be an interesting conflict for his character. He’s a big deal, whatever his storyline is going to be… I realize I just made a pun there about Ray, but, yes, he is going to challenge Oliver in a lot of ways. I am super (another pun) excited.

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