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After what feels like way too long, Gamergate is still hanging onto the coattails of public discourse with a tenacity akin to a tick, but without the simple solution of plucking the unwanted thing off and flinging it back into the shadows of bad ideas and obscurity. In light of this, why not promote sites that offer discourse about video games, the women who play them, and the women who are in them without, you know, the rampant misogyny and further exclusion of specific types of gamer ladies? Today I bring to you a promising new initiative: FemHype.

web crush wednesdaysMore than a single, static placeholder for content, FemHype seeks to act as a hub for ladies—both in the gaming community and those may distance themselves from said community—to communicate with each other. Kind of like a really cool spider web, with each branching strand from the center hitting a different aspect of the video game fandom: graphics (aka: all those gifs floating around on Tumblr), ladies within the industry, Twitch streamers and YouTubers, and so on. As their mission statement says:

FemHype is a new, safe space in the gaming community for those who identify as a woman. If that describes you, we want you on the team! Please consider sharing this post/checking out our Twitter account while we reach out to gamers everywhere and (hopefully!) build the community we all deserve.

Ultimately, our goal is to create a space for women to share their gaming-inspired writing, art, music, and more with others in a safe environment free from negative commentary and male voices. It’s about time we all had a place to come together and share our love of video games, isn’t it?

I couldn’t agree more.

Although FemHype is not the only place on the internet which offers a safe space for women and girl gamers, it’s the most inclusionary site I’ve seen. Not just in terms of how many aspects of gaming they plan to cover, but also in outwardly stating their excitement on hearing and sharing the experiences of trans ladies. While it’s important to offer these spaces to women, it’s perhaps even more important to make it known that this type of safe space is not only available to cis women. All women suffer at the hands of misogyny, and the experiences of all women deserve to be heard.

The official site launch is on the quickly approaching first of December, and while I and its admins seem equally excited for the grand opening, they’re still in search of contributors. If you’re a lady gamer who has something to say, I urge you to offer your services. Not a fan of writing? Don’t worry! There are many other ways to contribute. If you’re interested, please take a look at their submissions page which explains what they’re looking for in a bit more detail. You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook!

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