Web Crush Wednesdays: Chubby Cosplay

I’m writing this only a few hours after the Ferguson Grand Jury passed down a no indictment decision in the murder of Mike Brown. It’s hard to be excited or joyful about anything when I’d much rather set a fire under the American justice system. It feels deeply disingenuous for me to turn around and say “let’s be happy about something unrelated,” but this is a Web Crush Wednesday post, and so that’s what I’m doing.

As our longtime readers well know, I spend pretty much all of my time either cosplaying, working on cosplay, or earning money for future cosplay. And although I have had plenty of experience being the victim of sexism while cosplaying, as a thin person, I have the privilege of not being shamed for my weight when I dress up. The same is not true for heavier cosplayers, who are often mocked or shamed for daring to commit the crime of having fun while fat. That’s where this week’s web crush comes in. Chubby Cosplay is a fan-run blog that celebrates cosplayers of diverse body types.

From their bio:

Here we are open to all types of cosplayers, but we focus mainly on chubby cosplayers. Here, chubby/fat is not a word to be ashamed of, rather, celebrated! We love our bodies and celebrate tolerance of all body types, genders, skin colors, etc!

Fandom constantly polices the bodies of cosplayers, so it’s wonderful to encounter such an inclusive Tumblr. Furthermore, I was heartened to find that they spotlight cosplayers dressing up as both canonically fat and canonically thin characters; while it’s important for chubby people to have characters who are actually chubby to cosplay, it also sends the message that cosplay isn’t about body type, it’s about love of a character. Fat cosplayers don’t have to only ever cosplay as Amethyst and Lumpy Space Princess – they can and should be able to cosplay as whoever they damn well please without being ostracized for it.

The blog also spotlights fanart and meta that celebrates chubby bodies, and most movingly, often shares the stories of cosplayers who overcame a fear of cosplaying while fat and had a great time. The mods take the time to add a thoughtful and complimentary comment to each personally-submitted cosplay.

Unfortunately, because Chubby Cosplay is mainly dependent on user submissions, they don’t really have a regular posting schedule. Nevertheless, I encourage you to check them out, give them a follow, or maybe even submit your own awesome chubby cosplays for us to squee over!

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