Trailer Tuesdays: Galavant

Although we’ve been super excited about this show for a while, much to my surprise, we’ve never actually talked about it here on the blog. So I hope you’re ready to talk, sing, and dance about Galavant, because it looks like it’s going to be amazing.

Come this January, when Once Upon A Time goes on its midseason hiatus, ABC will premiere Galavant, a medieval comedy musical fairy tale genre mash-up that looks and sounds incredible. In the show, Galavant, our erstwhile hero, lives an enchanted life as a hero with a beautiful lady love. However, not three verses into his intro song, said lady Madalena is stolen from Galavant by the nearby King Richard, and Galavant sets out to rescue her before Richard can force her to marry him. When he gets to the castle, though, Madalena tells Galavant that, well, she’d rather be a rich queen than go back with him. A dejected Galavant slinks his way into a drunk, disgusting stupor, and is only roused when a new character, Isabella, comes to him and demands that he help save her people.

First of all, if nothing else, the music for Galavant is enough to look forward to on its own. The team of Alan Menken and Glenn Slater—the people responsible for most if not all your Disney favorites—have joined forces again to write and compose  the songs of Galavant, and from the trailer we can tell the songs are just as catchy and witty as one might expect from them. The two have even left their Disney roots behind a little, throwing in a few fun innuendos for their older audience.

Despite being a show set in medieval times, Galavant doesn’t fall into the trap of thinking that everyone was definitely white. Isabella is played by the multiracial Karen David, and Harry Potter‘s Luke Youngblood (Lee Jordan!) is also going to have an as-of-yet undefined role. And with Isabella and Madalena, Galavant has two enticing female characters who have the potential to be good or bad. Madalena is the one I’m particularly worried about. The intro song describes her as “A total goddess known as Madalena / Long legs and glowing skin, a body built for sin / Plus more than just a touch of nymphomania,” explicitly painting her as a woman defined by her attractiveness and (heteronormative) sexual desire. As we know that she leaves Galavant for the promises of a richer, more powerful man, if the writers aren’t careful, Madalena could easily be seen as the trope of the seducing, manipulative temptress.

But aside from that, Galavant looks like it’s going to combine its numerous genres quite well. As ABC says, it’ll be a four week comedy extravaganza, starting January 4th! Are you going to watch it when it comes out? Let us know in the comments. I’ll leave you with the earworm-worthy intro song:

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