Trailer Tuesdays: Orphan Black Season 3

I recently finished rewatching all of Orphan Black’s first two seasons with a friend, just in time for this trailer to drop. Orphan Black is one of those shows that’s intense as fuck, so I’ve been waiting eagerly to see what’s coming our way in the third season. Let’s take a look!

Our clones, both Projects Leda and Castor, seem to be taking this battle to the public. Although there’s not a lot to go on, we see each main clone (and some of the new Castor clones) addressing a camera directly, which makes it seem like this will be some sort of video broadcast to the public, like in the Hunger Games. On a brighter note, this almost certainly means that Cosima will be alive for at least some of the next season. I didn’t think they would kill her off, but it also occurred to me that we would never know if they did—other shows can leak suspicious casting information, but Tatiana Maslany plays all the important characters in Orphan Black; her characters can enter and leave the show at will and we would never know until we saw it happen. (Still no word on whether Rachel survived that pencil to the eye!)

Speaking of casting, though, Orphan Black is adding quite a lot of characters to its cast next season. I’m excited to see where they’ll go, because it’s often difficult to develop well-rounded characters when the clones are at the heart of the show; will they stay just for a few episodes, like Kira’s father Cal or like Mrs. S’s Birdwatcher friends? Or will they become more integral, like Delphine or Felix? The reason I’m concerned is that for the most part, all of Orphan Black’s additions are white actors. While the show has many people of color as extras, the only character of color of any importance is Art, Beth’s police officer buddy, who’s been slowly sidelined as his importance to the plot has dwindled. It’s definitely more difficult to be dedicated to racial diversity when most of the characters are identical clones of one white woman, but a show as dedicated to gay rights, trans rights, and feminism as Orphan Black is should certainly be putting in more of an effort. Hopefully we’ll see more new characters of color when Season 3 starts.

Season 3 comes to a television near you on April 18th of next year, and it couldn’t come soon enough. What do you hope to see from the new season? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I’m soooo stoked for season 3 and I just need Cosima to be happy and well. I also hope there’s more of Tony since he kind of seemed like he was just put there for tokenism. And yes to more PoC; I was disappointed with how quickly Amelia was killed off.

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