Lady Geek Girl & Friends’ Best of the Blog Fridays

Hiatus Spongebob Pic FridayWe’re still on hiatus until January 6th. Happy New Year, everyone, and we’ll be back soon!

Fanfiction Fridays: seperis’s Reboot Series. Saika urges us to read a fic with awesome lady Vulcans, slash, and space pirates.

The other major part of this series is the real reason I wanted to rec this work. The sequel to You’ll Get There in the End is called War Games, and where the previous work was all about the Kirk/Spock relationship and sex and romance, the sequel is in essence a rollicking space pirate adventure story.

Fanfiction Fridays: The Serendipity Gospels by urbanAnchorite and schellibie. Rin introduces us to an epic Homestuck fanfic.

Howdy, readers! How would you like an adventure story for today? A story full of intrigue and political plots? A story that’s almost as confusing as the canon it comes from? Then grab a seat and get ready to hear about the most intense Homestuck fanfic I’ve ever read.

Fanfiction Follies: Where’s All the Femslash? Lady Geek Girl desperately petitions for more femslash.

I have been searching the internet for weeks, but alas, this does not appear to be a feasible quest. Granted, I am limited in my search because I am only looking for femslash in fandoms I know and love. One of the fandoms I have been searching for femslash in, however, is Batman. Why is no one writing Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy fanfiction? Come on, fandom, it’s practically canon!

In Brightest Day: Batman and the Problem with Mental Illnesses in Comics. Lady Geek Girl talks about ableism in Batman.

While the police and many other random Gotham citizens make the claim that Batman is “crazy”, it’s practically portrayed as a joke. People think Batman is “crazy”, but we all know he really isn’t, because obviously the hero couldn’t possible suffer from a mental illness. Cue massive eye roll.

Are Disney’s Kid Shows More Progressive Than Their Movies? Moe discusses how Disney TV shows are often superior to their movie kin.

Sofia has a talk with her mother, admitting her feelings and apologizing for several other sabotaging shenanigans that happen in the show. Queen Miranda gently explains that she’s a mother to other children now too, and that she has enough love for them all. The episode ends with everyone finally having their picnic and enjoying each others’ company. I really like how the show takes time to go over how it’s not wrong for Sofia to feel the way she does, but still explains why she should express her feelings so the problem can be resolved.

Martha Jones and the Culture of Casual Racism. Luce discusses the agency of Martha Jones and casual racism in Doctor Who

Yes, Doctor Who hadn’t portrayed much overt racism with Martha, but perhaps that was the best option from a storytelling perspective. I wouldn’t have wanted the show to smack the viewer over the head every episode with “We are in the past! Look at this racism!”, and I also wouldn’t have wanted them to avoid taking Martha into the past, so I think the writers managed to strike a fair medium between the two. What Doctor Who did show us was a fairly accurate portrayal of casual racism.

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