Web Crush Wednesday: Kat Blaque

One of the people I enjoy on YouTube never spoke up about a recent scandal concerning jokes about sexual assault (made by her now boyfriend), and as a result, I’ve been seeking out new things to watch to mend this tear in my heart. While YouTube, as a platform, has cultivated some of the most problematic people and cultures on the internet, it’s also a fantastic source for information and discovering people who may have gone through similar experiences as yourself. For me, my web crush fits into the former—as I don’t share many of her defining traits—but I believe for many, and hopefully some of our readers here as well, Kat Blaque offers a voice to a minority that is spoken over more often than not.

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With issues of social justice being brought to light more than ever, it’s even more vital that those with privilege take a seat and listen to the experiences of those who are affected. As a Black trans woman, Kat Blaque has a lot to teach. We’ve featured many YouTubers on this blog before, but while many of those people keep us entertained due to their humor, what I love about Kat is that she’s unabashedly real. When talking about issues such as misogyny in the gay community and concerns in the trans community, people affected by those issues shouldn’t always have to be funny in order to be heard.

Among the discussions of serious topics, she’s peppered some really fun videos in there too. (Plus there’s a rant against a certain other YouTuber which, while it has amazing points about how cis people should never speak for trans people, makes my vindictive little heart flutter: I’m still pissed about how gross a certain “Would You [as a lesbian] Ever Date A Bisexual” video managed to be. Eugh.) One of my favorites is her review of some items from the store Hello Cheri—a store that specializes in toys and tools for the bedroom.

On the more fandom-oriented side of things, she also covers issues in the media such as trans representation in shows and clearing up things like the oft tossed-around-but-not-understood saying of “check your privilege” (which I would argue is as much intertwined in social justice as it is fandom, as the two often intersect). Really, I could just list off every video she has posted, but they’re all fantastic and I would never take that experience away from you, dear readers. But I’ll put this one in here anyway, because that’s just the kind of person I am.

If I’ve piqued your interest, which I hope I have, make sure you drop by her channel here. She’s so informative and just a fun person to watch in general—it’s people like her that give me hope that YouTube won’t devour itself with the back-pattingly sexist, homophobic, racist, trans-misogynistic, every other -ist/-ic word you can think of bile that it keeps threatening to. All of her videos are closed captioned, too, so I think that’s super cool as well as really conscientious of viewers who may be Deaf or hard of hearing. Also, make sure to check her out on Tumblr and Twitter. And for those of you who would rather stay away from YouTube, fret not! Kat also has an art blog with some really freaking cute art and I’m kind of in love with it.

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