Trailer Tuesdays: Hannibal Season 3

Lordy, lordy. It seems like forever since the dramatic and murderiffic finale of Hannibal‘s second season aired, and in the time that’s passed I almost forgot how hyped I can get about this freaky-ass show.

The Season 2 finale left us with approximately a million questions and, seeing as basically everyone but Hannibal and Bedelia were bleeding out somewhere around Hannibal’s house, there was only a small possibility that answers were yet to come.

The trailer doesn’t give us much to go on as regards to who survived that bloody encounter. Obviously, Will did, but given that he’s the main character and Hannibal’s main antagonist, that’s not terribly surprising. The rest of our presumed-deceased cast, though? Alana, Abigail, and Jack Crawford? Their status is unclear, and the woman Will speaks with in the trailer—possibly Hannibal’s Aunt Murasaki?—only alludes to Hannibal’s having taken someone precious to Will away from him. Given that, I think it’s safe to say that either Abigail or Alana or both are dead—literally in the ground, metaphorically in the fridge. They haven’t explicitly fridged a lady (rather than just having them die from some other circumstance) on the show thus far, and it’s sad that it seems likely they’ll fall into that lazy trope this season.

Without any knowledge of who died, though, and, to be honest, if someone actually died—”taken away” is deeply ambiguous—it’s hard to guess at what exactly Will’s shocking final statement to Hannibal, “I forgive you”, is referring to. Does he forgive Hannibal for attacking him? For killing/”taking away” his loved ones? For gaslighting him for a season or more? For being a sociopath cannibal serial killer? Their relationship has always been deeply unhealthy and codependent, and while the tiny Hannigram-y part of me that thrives on that messiness is super into the idea of it continuing, the larger part of me still wants to get “Somebody please help Will Graham” tattooed on my face.

I also fear deeply for Bedelia du Maurier after watching this; last season left us unsure if she was in cahoots with Hannibal or simply another toy in his games, but she seems downright hunted in most of the scenes we see of her here. Pisces complained at length in his finale review about the treatment of women in the show, and while I obviously hope it improves this time around, I’m not sure what to expect from Fuller and co.

The addition of the probably-Lady-Murasaki character will add some much-needed Asian representation back into the show following the untimely demise of fan-favorite CSI Beverly Katz last season. Her inclusion probably also means we’ll get some of Hannibal’s backstory, in whatever way the show decides to spin that for us.

hannibal s3

Pictured: Hannibal in Europe. Probably. He’s a slippery motherfucker.

This season will apparently be tearing through time and source material, if various sources are to be believed. While at least part of the season will follow a recovered Will hunting Hannibal through Europe, the later episodes of the season will apparently jump forward several years, introducing us both to Molly, the woman who will become Will’s wife, and to Frank Dolarhyde, the serial killer known in the Red Dragon novel and movie as the Tooth Fairy.

While I’m actually quite excited for Dolarhyde’s introduction, this is almost 100% because he’s being played by Richard Armitage, who’s probably best known for his role as my fictional husband, Thorin Oakenshield. Several aspects of the Red Dragon storyline have already been used in Season 2—the tied-to-a-wheelchair-and-lit-on-fire death of Freddie Lounds occurs in Red Dragon, for one, and Randall Tier’s character reflected the Tooth Fairy murderer in many ways—so I’m hoping that they’ll still be able to tell their interpretation of the story effectively without repetition. I’m worried about Molly as well, but in a more mundane way: I’m generally concerned about any poor woman who’s explicitly introduced into the middle of a popular slash pairing as the love interest of one of the guys. Fandom’s getting better about not immediately throwing these women to the wolves, but it’s a slow process, and even for me my knee-jerk reaction is to be annoyed by her mere existence.

I’ve gone on longer than I’ve intended to, now, so I’m gonna throw it back to my readers. What do you think about this trailer? Was your first response similar to mine (incoherent yelling)? Hit me up in the comments and we’ll talk about it—it’s not like we’ve got anything else to do until we’re given a release date, right?

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