Fanfiction Fridays: What Spring Does by thrace

The Legend of Korra fandom has always been the unicorn of fandoms. Even before the finale confirmed that Korra and Asami were indeed in love, the Korrasami pairing had more fanworks than any other ship in the show. Few fandoms can claim a femslash pairing as their top commodity, and fewer still can give that honor to women of color.

never over it korrasami

If you wanna take time for yet another victory lap before hitting the jump, by all means do so. Hell, I’ll take one with you.

Far be it from me to assume I’ve ever hit the peak with these two, though. Finding this fanfic has taught me that Korrasami is the gift that keeps on giving.

How did this particular fic realign my paradigms? Well, by giving me the rarest of all femslash gifts—one I’ve never actually encountered before in the wild—fempreg.

Katara greets them at the door, as if aware they were coming. Perhaps she was; word travels fast wherever the Avatar goes and especially amongst the network of friends and family she has in her own tribe. She takes Asami into the back room, leaving Korra in the front, standing with her hands clasped in front of her. “I’ll wait right here,” she calls, and Asami tries to give her a reassuring look.

She feels better the moment she lies down in the healing waters, even though Katara hasn’t started yet. It’s soothing, peaceful, if a little chilly. The lodge and the water are probably toasty by Water Tribe standards though.

“Just relax,” says Katara, carefully lowering herself into a cross-legged position. She looks about the same as always, perhaps with a few new wrinkles. Her kindly face settles into calmness as her hands weave around each other, moving energy through the water. Asami can feel it passing through her body, a brightness that tingles without tickling. Katara’s hands pause and the light fades. “Oh my.”

Asami sits up, dripping water. “What, what is it?” she asks. “Is something wrong?”

“Not wrong. Different.” Katara seems to regard her strangely. “Asami, you’re pregnant.”

She blinks, thinking she couldn’t have possibly heard right. “Excuse me?”

Katara places a small, well-worn hand low on her stomach. “Pregnant. Five weeks or so, I’m guessing.”

“I…” She’s absolutely staggered by what Katara is saying, just barely processing the words. “I can’t be.”

Male pregnancy fics are a dime a dozen in any given fandom—note my sarcastic nod to fans’ tendency to write women out of their stories whether intentionally or not—but their lady-equivalent is so difficult to find that, when I stumbled upon this story, I ran to Lady Geek Girl (or, well, our Facebook message thread) to yell at her in excitement.

old-kataraWhat Spring Does was written post-series, and is clearly a product of the euphoria of post-Book 4 canonicity, but that doesn’t mean it’s rushed or badly written. It may be joyously fluffy, but thrace captures the characters and their emotions and relationships skillfully. While I’m hard-pressed to pick a favorite part, I did especially like Katara and Asami’s interactions. Both of them are immensely strong and complex women who fell in love with the Avatar, and I expect that creates at least a little bit of kinship. (It goes without saying that I was into the romantic bits, too. Let’s not kid anyone here.)

Check out this magical, beautiful unicorn here at the AO3—at less than 10k words, its a delightful diversion without being a huge time commitment.

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