Web Crush Wednesdays: Feminist Jabberwocky

jr9fangirls1111Do you sometimes despair of ever educating everyone in your life in intersectional feminist rhetoric? For every person that you successfully inform about the racial biases of the wage gap or the double-edged sword of slut-shaming and virgin-shaming, there’s another friend or family member who still persists in thinking all Muslims are women-hating terrorists. It’s exhausting, right?

Thankfully, the internet is here to help.

Feminist Jabberwocky is, in the words of creators Adam and Adora Prince:

[The] feminist version of Send Your Enemies Glitter. Simply input whatever oppressive, kyriarchical belief your friends or family are holding to into our frumious processors, and the Jabberwocky software puts together a vorpal and properly-sourced dissent.

Adam and Adora are a brother and sister programming duo probably best known for their work on the Greyskull Initiative, which worked to call attention to the double standards of gender stereotyping common in fantasy and superhero names. In interviews, both siblings readily admit that Feminist Jabberwocky was Adora’s brainchild, although both of them have logged plenty of hours in bringing it to fruition. I spoke with them myself via email and felt I had to ask them about the name of their site in particular, which references the nonsensical Lewis Carroll poem. “I’ve always loved [that poem],” Adora explained. “To me it seems to represent courage even when faced with the absolutely absurd, and that’s what we’re going for with Feminist Jabberwocky as well.”

As of right now Feminist Jabberwocky only offers email service to deliver their creations to those who need them, but if Adam and Adora’s Kickstarter campaign goes as well as they hope, they’re planning to add a postal dissent delivery option as well. They also plan to create a library of commonly heard -isms on their website so that people who don’t want to purchase their more personalized services can still download an intelligently argued PDF with a general explanation of the issue at hand. Right now they offer a pay-per-dissent option as well as a subscription service for people who are constantly encountering bigots.


via xkcd

Given how frustrating it is to be surrounded by people who are wrong (both on the internet and otherwise) it’s a pleasure to know that there are some hardworking souls out there trying to make the schooling of said wrong people as easy and stress-free as possible. Next time you don’t have the spoons to explain to your mom why that thing she said was racist, or you don’t want to add comments to a clearly unsourced and wrong Tumblr post, or you’re tired of explaining what cisgender means to your coworkers, hit up Feminist Jabberwocky. It’s an easy way to spare yourself the anxiety of a confrontation, and since every FJ-created dissent comes with plenty of data and verifiable sources built in, they’ll probably explain it better than you could anyway.

Happy April Fools Day!

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  1. I just wanted to tell you that this was hilarious and very creative. I couldn’t wait to click on the links to see what was coming next. I almost peed myself during the He-Man vid.

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