Trailer Tuesdays: Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Well, it’s finally here, everyone: the first trailer for the Batman vs. Superman movie—and judging from the trailer, this movie will either be amazing or horrific and awful. Take a look:

While I enjoyed Nolan’s Dark Knight movies, with the exception of the last one, my enjoyment of Man of Steel was much more fleeting. There are parts of the movie I like, but on the whole, I found that the story suffered from a lot of problems. Most notably, I think its tone was too dark, the aesthetics too muted, the characters too unrelatable, and the last fight scene too long, overdone, and destructive. And judging from this new trailer, it doesn’t look like any of those issues are going to change.

Picking up right after Man of Steel, the world doesn’t seem ready to accept that there’s a super-powered alien living among them. This in part is probably do the fact that Metropolis was leveled in the previous movie. People are scared of Superman and are questioning whether or not they want him on Earth. Taking these concerns to heart, Batman heads off to confront and/or kill Superman in a battle that he will definitely lose, because Superman could just kill him.

My biggest complaint about the DC movies is that they try to be so dark and edgy and meaningful—but they try too hard. The Dark Knight Rises had this problem as well, but it was blown way out of proportion during Man of Steel. People didn’t have conversations with each other so much as they had long-winded passages about morality and the human mind. As such, Clark wasn’t a person you could relate to; he was a cardboard cutout dealing with copious amounts of annoying manpain. I have no doubts that Batman vs. Superman will do the same thing. This will probably be a three-hour long speech on morality, acceptance, and why racism and discrimination are wrong.

Which is why it stars a white guy.

Which is why it stars a white guy.

Two white guys, even.

Two white guys, even.

I really want this movie to do well, but it just doesn’t seem like it’ll be that good. For a movie starring Superman, it just looks too dark. Superman is a character that’s supposed to bring hope to people, but that’s not the Superman in these movies. Wonder Woman is also supposed to make an appearance, so there’s that at least—but of course, you wouldn’t know that from watching this trailer, so I don’t know how big her role will even be. At this point, I don’t know whether or not I’m going to see this movie because I genuinely want to—it might be good after all—or simply because I feel obligated to know what happens.

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7 thoughts on “Trailer Tuesdays: Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

  1. I’m not that optimistic. To begin with, I’m kind of stressed out that Batman and Superman hate each other. I find that implacably upsetting. Plus, if nothing else, Superman needs something of a lighter reprieve after Man of Steel.

    We’re all sick of origin stories by now, but I would very much like to see Superman start over with an origin back in the 1930s and 40s, growing up in the Depression, using his superpowers first to protect poor farmers before eventually going to fight Hitler. Is that too much to ask?

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