Lady Saika’s Agent Carter Season 2 Wish List

Marvel's Agent CarterWell, now that I got my real wish (a second season of Agent Carter—and with ten episodes this time!), it’s time for my wishing to get a little more specific. We’ve got eight or so months to sit around fantasizing about what comes next—so that’s just what I’m going to do. Without further fanfare, here’s what I want most out of Agent Carter Season 2.

5) More Red Room Background

We got a taste of the beginnings of the Red Room in the first season, but I’m always down to see more. Will Dottie resurface? Are there more Widow operatives floating around the U.S.? Will the Red Room realize that handcuffing girls to beds so often that they’re left with permanent, easily identifiable scars is a bad way to make spies? I’d love the answers to these questions and more, and I’d love a cameo of a baby Natasha Romanoff—whether that means jumping ahead in time or just running with her comics backstory, in which she’s also been enhanced with some sort of serum—or of the early-days Winter Soldier even more.

4) A New Status Quo at the SSR

agent carter snafuAt the close of Season 1, after a full season of shitty office sexism, Peggy’s coworkers finally realized exactly how competent Peggy was. Actually, make that how much more competent she was compared to their whole dudebro crew. I’m curious to see if there will be a change in the air in Season 2, or if they’ll gloss over it entirely. Or will they walk a middle line and have the rest of the SSR guys generally respecting her, but still perpetuating sexist microagressions? Hell, maybe, since Season 2 is taking us to Hollywood this season, they’ll have to cast a whole new crew of bumbling misogynists for the West Coast SSR office. While I’d prefer the first option—ladies getting the respect they deserve is high on any wishlist of mine—I’m suspicious that it will turn out some other way, especially given Thompson’s disappointing about-face at the end of the first season’s finale.

3) More Howling Commandos

We had a brief bit of interaction with the Howling Commandos in Season 1, but there’s no reason they can’t come back for more! Their interactions with and respect for Peggy were a breath of fresh air during Season 1, and it was immensely satisfying to see them kicking ass together. On top of that, they’re ripe characterization material, seeing as they’re Peggy’s most visceral link to her past with Steve. The fact that they’re a diverse bunch of dudes whose time onscreen is a much needed addition to an otherwise white-as-hell show is just the cherry on top.

2) Queer Characters

dottie peggyA same gender kiss is not queer representation—at least not when the kiss is just a weaponized attempt to poison Peggy into submission. Instead of queerbaiting us through another ten episodes, get me some Cartinelli on the screen. Angie and Peggy have amazing chemistry and Hayley herself appears to ship it, if her Twitter is anything to go by. They’d be the first major queer couple in the MCU, and what better pairing to start that ball rolling? It may seem like the two are doomed to be separated by the storyline, since Season 2 will be set in Hollywood—but what better place for a budding actress like Angie to look for professional success? And before you bitch at me about the era: it’s not like queer people didn’t exist before Stonewall. Take your historical accuracy complaints and shove them somewhere productive.

1) More Racial Diversity(!)

This is the big one, y’all. While a relationship between two women might be more than ABC is willing to make canon (they wouldn’t do it on Once Upon A Time, so why would they do it here? Especially when they can plead the time period), there’s really no excuse for having so little racial representation. Looking back at Season 1, the only characters of color I remember existing (outside of the Commandos and some extras) are that one skeevy nightclub owner and the Asian former paramour of Howard’s who stepped on Jarvis’s foot. That much whiteness is not realistic—people of color didn’t just suddenly appear in modern days. Furthermore, it’s racist to claim that they shouldn’t be around because they would only have been working in service positions we wouldn’t see on screen—people of color of all genders were doing amazing things before, during, and after World War II, and it’d be awesome to see Agent Carter draw from some of those real life heroes’ stories.

Unfortunately, we have to wait until next year’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s mid-season hiatus to find out if dreams do come true. However, that also means plenty of time to make sure our voices are heard! Whether it’s by writing to ABC or tweeting using the #DiversifyAgentCarter hashtag, there are a ton of ways to get involved in making sure our beloved show is even better next season.

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4 thoughts on “Lady Saika’s Agent Carter Season 2 Wish List

  1. I guess you know, I’m a huge proponent of number 1, there. It’s really important to me and other PoC, that the creators put some effort into it. Government jobs were one of the surest forms of job security for PoC. We’re more likely to get hired and less likely to be discriminatory against once they were ensconced, so there would have been a lot secretaries, phone operators, clerks and such, many of them with military experience, some of them moving up the ranks into some interestingly high positions.

    I hate the historical accuracy remark so much, I can’t even express it. As someone who has studied actual History, it’s a comment that speaks to the laziness and deep ignorance of the person making it, rather than any real life thing.

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