Trailer Tuesdays: Fantastic Four

I’ve seen this trailer so many times in movie theaters at this point that I was shocked to realize that we hadn’t covered it here—especially given that we’ve discussed the ramifications of its casting choices in detail.

Given that the first trailer looked more like it was advertising a more boring Interstellar knockoff than a superhero flick, I am at least relieved that this one shows us characters with powers up close and personal. I’m still not sure if I want to see it, though.

The Fantastic Four franchise has already had one ill-fated big screen outing, and despite society’s ever increasing cultural obsession with superhero movies, I’m not sure that anyone really cares about seeing the FF on screen again. Despite being a reader of Marvel Comics for going on three years now, I have never really cared what was happening in the Storm-Richards household. Even when Reed showed up in stories I was following, I found him an annoying know-it-all scarily similar to his Venture Bros parody character, Professor Impossible. Perhaps this is a personal preference, and there are die-hard Fantastic Fans out there hyped as hell for this movie. That said, I haven’t met anyone whose opinion differs from mine just yet.

The only thing that really has me invested in this particular reboot at all is the casting of Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm. Not only am I generally a fan of supporting things that make racists mad, I also want Hollywood to know that I support increasing diversity by racebending characters, and the only way to really prove that is by giving them my money.

The tone of the movie is at least different and new to me; it’s not grimdark like the DC movies; but neither is it bright and lighthearted like the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s films. It seems like it’s very serious, both in tone and even in the color scheme and cinematography. The jokes in the trailer are sort of weak, too—the physical comedy of Reed interacting with the rest of his team is funnier to me than the actual written snarky lines. Going back to my earlier Interstellar reference, it does look like what I imagine a Christopher Nolan-led Marvel movie would look like if such a thing existed: near-future hard sci-fi that happens to have superheroes in it.

fantastic 4So, yeah. I really have no clue whether I’m going to see this movie or not. I want to support diverse casting, but I also don’t care about the subject matter at all, and neither of the trailers have really convinced me that the movie isn’t going to be kind of boring. Maybe if I’m lucky it’ll be playing as a twofer with something else I want to see at the drive-in later this summer.

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