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I am so excited for Lucifer! Ever since I left the Supernatural fandom in a blind rage, I have been searching for another interesting pseudo-religious show, and I think I found it. Furthermore, the show is based on a loose adaptation of the character Lucifer from Neil Gaiman’s comic The Sandman and the spinoff comic Lucifer. Sadly, though, Lucifer does not look like David Bowie like he does in the comic. I guess we can’t have it all. But oh well, let’s talk about the trailer.

Pictured: Not David Bowie. Still hot though...

Pictured: Not David Bowie. Still hot though…

Regretfully, I have not read the Lucifer comic so I’m not sure how the comic compares to the trailer, but I have read most of The Sandman comics and it seems that the show will pick up after Lucifer quits Hell and goes off to live on Earth. The biggest difference seems to be that obviously the Endless don’t exist, so certain events have changed. In The Sandman comic The Seasons of Mist, Lucifer kicks all of the damned souls and demons out of Hell and then abdicates the throne, but not before turning the keys of Hell over to Dream. The damned souls and demons cause havoc on Earth while Dream figures out what to do with the keys of Hell. Various gods, demi-gods, and other spirits come to bargain with Dream to gain Hell for themselves. However, Dream eventually gives the keys of Hell to the angels Duma and Remiel and all the damned souls and demons return. Based on the trailer, it seems that Lucifer simply leaves Hell. He doesn’t turn over the keys of Hell to anyone and doesn’t seem to be aware or maybe doesn’t care about the consequences of leaving.

Does this mean that all the demons and damned souls are now on Earth? Amenadiel, the angel in the trailer played by D.B. Woodside, whom you may remember from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, certainly seems to imply that that is so. Amenadiel seems intent on  convincing Lucifer to return to Hell probably because many of the demons and damned souls are on Earth. In the comics, this caused very obvious and terrifying problems, and we can assume that they will have a big role (at least as monsters of the week) in the show.

I am annoyed that the series appears to start with fridging a female character so that Lucifer will be motivated to work with the police, but despite that, there does appear to a whole host of female characters in the show. There’s Linda, Lucifer’s therapist, which—how awesome is it to see Satan in therapy? There is also Maze, Lucifer’s lover, a demon and a descendant of Lilith. And finally, our main female character Chloe Dance, the homicide detective whom Lucifer works with to help the LAPD solve crimes. Chloe especially seems interesting because she doesn’t appear to be affected by Lucifer’s charms, and doesn’t seem to put up with his bullshit. I am, however, nervous that she will end up being simply Lucifer’s love interest and/or fulfill the trope of women as conscience, where female characters are there basically to play Jiminy Cricket to a male character. I am also disappointed by how conventionally attractive Maze is, because she is clearly based on Mazikeen from the comics. Mazikeen looks more monstrous, but Lucifer still finds her beautiful and seems to care for her. And while I understand the show not wanting to constantly have to do make up for Maze or even have Maze hide her appearance, it bothers me that Maze still has to be so stereotypically attractive.

Lucifer and MazikeenThere is also the issue of the lack of people of color. Yes, Amenadiel is Black, and Dan, another LAPD homicide detective, is played by Nicholas Gonzalez, but neither appear to be major characters. In fact, though both characters are listed on the Lucifer wikipedia page as being major characters, neither are even listed on IMDb, which makes me nervous that their characters may not last long.

Overall, though, I think the show seems extremely interesting and intriguing. As long as the show is done well, I think it has a lot of potential and I can’t wait to see it when it airs in 2016.

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  1. I was very excited to see that Lucifer is getting a TV show since I recently started getting into the comics! However, it looks like this is a very loose adaptation of the comics since very little of the trailer is actually in what I have read of the comics (the first two volumes so far). There are no women getting fridged, no therapists, and no working with cops in the comics. There are also very few people of colour in the comics so this might actually be better than the comics in that regard.

    As for Maze/Mazikeen, I am actually frustrated by the producers’ choice to not go with her monstrous appearance because in the first volume of the comics she spends the majority of the time wearing a phantom-of-the-opera-like mask to cover the monstrous side of her face and so they could easily have the actress wear the mask for the majority of her time onscreen and save the makeup for the few times her mask is off. The lack of the monstrous face also makes her into a very different character since in the comics her face is a huge part of her identity. At the end of Volume 1 her whole body is severely burned and another character, not realizing that her face is naturally monstrous, restores her whole body and face to appear completely human. Mazikeen is angry when she wakes up and finds that she has a human face and she spends a large portion of her time in Volume 2 trying to get her natural face back. In the comics her face is a huge part of who she is so choosing to give her a human appearance changes a significant element of her character.

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