Teen Wolf: “Parasomnia” Review

Teen-Wolf-Main-Title-SequenceWelcome back again, everyone, for the second part of our season’s opening. And I think I can safely say that “Parasomnia” was a huge improvement from “Creatures of the Night”. Not only do we meet a new character and get to see Mason some more, this episode managed to be significantly creepy without even a mention of Eichen House. In fact, Arkham 2.0 wasn’t in this episode at all, and that is an improvement in and of itself.

Spoilers up ahead.

“Parasomnia” opens up with new character Tracy, a fellow senior at Beacon Hills, who incidentally suffers from parasomnia, a sleeping disorder. Due to her parasomnia, Tracy has been getting night terrors, but she suspects that what’s happening to her isn’t all in her mind. During a chat with the guidance counselor, Lydia’s mom, Tracy ends up vomiting black goo and feathers.

Theo Teen WolfMeanwhile, Stiles is convinced that there’s something more to Theo. He suspects that the Theo who wants to be part of Scott’s pack isn’t the same Theo as the one he went to fourth grade with and sets out to get to the bottom of it. Stiles manages to get ahold of two different copies of Theo’s dad’s signature, and though they look alike, he’s able to deduce that they were written by two different people. Despite all his efforts, though, no one else believes him, and they’re willing to give Theo the benefit of the doubt.

Back with Tracy, Lydia and Parrish believe that something supernatural is going on with her and after Parrish finds a bunch of dead birds on Tracy’s roof, they decide to watch her house at night to make sure nothing happens. Tracy, however, still manages to sleepwalk herself outside without anyone noticing, and wakes up only to be surrounded by the Dread Doctors. They inject her with something that forces her to transform into a werewolf. While part of me is disturbed by this, because we really don’t need yet another storyline about a female character’s bodily autonomy being violated, another part of me is excited to see a female werewolf again, since both Erica and Cora are out of the picture.

As it turns out, Stiles is also completely correct in his suspicions about Theo. Back at Theo’s place, we learn that his parents aren’t so much his parents as they are hostages that he’s forcing to pretend to be his parents. “Parasomnia” ends with Theo breaking his fake dad’s hand with a hammer, since a cast can explain why signatures look different.

Teen Wolf Dread DoctorsAll in all, I really enjoyed this episode. It had some good creepy moments with Tracy’s character, and though Danny’s disappearance has still been given no explanation, we got to see Mason again. Liam and Mason have been having problems in their friendship, since Liam still hasn’t told him about being a werewolf. However, when Liam goes to tell him the truth, Mason figures it out himself and doesn’t seem that perturbed by it. Oddly, this scene mirrored Danny’s conversation with Ethan a few seasons ago, wherein Danny, another queer person of color, figured out Ethan’s werewolfism before Ethan told him the truth. While I’m happy that it looks like Mason will be sticking around for a while longer and would like to see his character given more to do, I feel as though the show is using him to simply replace Danny, a character whose absence I still question.

I also enjoyed watching Stiles’s internal struggle and how it put him at odds with Scott and his other friends. Stiles is significantly less trusting than Scott and he doesn’t think it’s prudent to give every new supernatural person they meet the benefit of the doubt. While it’s noble that Scott believes in second chances and the good in everyone—he even says that maybe there’s hope for Peter, much to Stiles’s displeasure—Stiles trusts his instincts, and in this case, Stiles’s instinct tells him Theo’s bad news. It is a little upsetting that no one else trusts Stiles, since his instinct rarely steers them wrong, but as Papa Stiliniski says, truth and facts trump instinct. So until Stiles can catch Theo doing something bad, it looks like he’s going to be the newest member of the pack.

I’m going to be honest and say that right now I really don’t care for Theo’s character. Theo mentions that the alpha who bit him was the same alpha who turned the twins. But the twins, like all the other werewolves who followed Deucalion, killed everyone in their packs, so right away I’m suspicious as to how Theo’s even alive.

I’m much more invested in Tracy’s character, and watching her struggles and figuring out what part of her nights were actually real and what part were hallucinations was kind of fun. As I said earlier, however, I’m worried that her werewolf-transformation storyline will end up being one big rape analogy. Right now the show is filled with characters who were forced into becoming creatures they didn’t want to become—Scott and Liam became werewolves, Lydia became a banshee, and Malia turned back into a human. Then we have Erica who was coerced by an older man into accepting a bite. Even Stiles went through a transformation himself in 3B. Many of these storylines are about the characters losing their bodily autonomy and being violated as a result. Unfortunately, Teen Wolf rarely addresses these issues well. Malia’s character was rightfully mad over what happened to her, but Lydia’s storylines have been nothing but rape analogies used for shock value, and I’m worried the same thing is going to happen here with Tracy.

Furthermore, like everyone else on this blog, I also question Lydia’s relationship with Parrish. Sometimes I wonder if Jeff Davis forgets that the characters in this show are in fact still highschoolers and not as old as their actors. If Teen Wolf could stop continuing these creepy relationships between adults and teenagers, stop using rape analogies over and over again, and make Eichen House disappear forever, the show would be drastically better. I guess we’ll find out what happens next week.

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