Teen Wolf: “Dreamcatchers” Review

teen-wolf-main-title-sequenceThis week’s episode of Teen Wolf featured lots of ladies being awesome, a large dose of body horror, and the death knell of one, if not two, of the fandom’s favorite ships. And I actually really like this episode. Last week’s twopart premiere had me so freaked out by the villains of this series, I told Saika that I missed Peter: a character whose death I actively have called for in the past. But at least Peter was just campy, manipulative bullshit. I can respect that. Creepy steampunk doctors I wasn’t sure I could handle. But I liked the Dread Doctors this episode. Ironically, I still dislike Theo, who is far less creepy. Spoilers after the jump!

This week’s episode begins with Donovan, a character I couldn’t care less about, being hauled away by a few deputies and accompanied by his lawyer, who is Tracy’s dad. Meanwhile, Sheriff Stilinski is getting ready for a date with a mystery woman. Donovan, before he leaves, threatens Papa Stilinski, and we find out he wanted to be a deputy or something, but for some reason he couldn’t and he blames Papa Stilinski for it. Or… something. I don’t know. Because I literally do not care about Donovan: a character who so far we know next to nothing about and hasn’t been developed at all. He is basically there to be experimented on by the Dread Doctors, but I’m getting ahead of myself. The van Donovan, two cops, and Tracey’s dad are in is attacked by Tracy herself. She mauls both the cops, and kills her Dad. Despite knowing Tracy and her father for literally only two episodes, this was actually really well written and heartbreaking. Donovan sadly escapes, but is attacked by the Dread Doctors, who, as mentioned, do some weird experiment on him.

Kira, Malia, LydiaLydia, Kira, and Malia discover the bodies while teaching Malia how to drive. Scott and Stiles are called in and eventually realize it was Tracy who killed everyone. Scott tracks down Donovan, but he has now clearly been mutated into something else as well. The gang hunts for Tracy and finds out that she also killed her therapist. When Tracy shows up at the school, the pack is able to get her to Deaton where they learn Tracy is not a werewolf like they thought, but a kanima (just like Jackson was in Season 2). Lydia and Kira, meanwhile, discover that Tracy is still in a night terror and subconsciously looking for people to help her. However, she can’t control herself and ends up killing them. The only other person at the school who tried to help Tracy was Lydia’s mom—who is at the police station and about to go on a date with Papa Stilinski! Boom! And a bomb was dropped on the Teen Wolf fandom! Tracy is eventually stopped by Malia, but before the pack can help her, the Dread Doctors seem to kill Tracy before disappearing themselves.

Some good things about this episode: there was a ton of awesome lady action! On everyone’s front. We have a number of scenes this episode with Malia, Kira, and Lydia working together to help each other out and really relying on each other. Malia got a ton of character development this episode too. She learned more about her mother, got to prove she wasn’t like her murderous parents, and spared Tracy’s life. And we saw Malia struggle with some anxiety (maybe even PTSD) over driving, considering her foster mother and sister died in a car crash. I do hope any trauma or possible PTSD with Malia is explored more. The show has a habit of giving us characters with mental illnesses but only exploring them when the writers feel it’s convenient.

We got to see Lydia use her banshee powers with seemingly more control. And we got to see Kira fight like a badass and power up or level up. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure what happened with Kira’s powers during tonight’s episode, but it looked amazing. Even our minor characters like Tracy and Hailey were awesome. Tracy kicked some major ass as a kanima and I loved that Hailey tried to help Tracy instead of just brushing her off as weird or crazy.

MasonI absolutely adored Mason this episode. I certainly hope he becomes a regular character because I love him. He is just funny and excited to learn about supernatural things, which is the type of character we really need on the show right now. All our current characters are veterans at this type of thing or supernatural themselves. It’s nice to see another normal character who is just in love with the supernatural and everything about it. Mason being excited about the characters and plot events makes me more excited too (still miss Danny though). I’m also thinking we have the beginnings of a potential new main cast here. And I really, really want to see Scott and Stiles in college together, but the show is literally called Teen Wolf, thus presenting a problem. So introducing more younger characters could be the building blocks of a new cast. Liam, Mason, Brett, and now Hailey could be the start and help keep the show in high school. But I wouldn’t be opposed to just renaming the show College Wolf or Young Adult Wolf or something.

I also enjoyed how this episode called on old characters. Some past episodes of Teen Wolf seemed to forget that certain people or resources existed, so the Pack never went to them. But this episode mentioned Braeden searching for the Desert Wolf, and even Satomi’s pack, so we were able to reconnect with Brett that way. Even the mere mention of a kanima was a cool throwback. Speaking of Brett though, this episode he mentioned that Satomi took him and his sister in after their family died in a fire. …So like, do all werewolf families die in fires now? Because that’s Derek Hale’s thing. Derek doesn’t have much; we can’t take away his only thing! In all seriousness, that plot is getting a bit old and I certainly hope there are no more lost secret Hales. I swear if Derek has more siblings, or Peter has more kids, I will be upset. The more Hales we add, the more I feel like Season 1 had very little purpose.

And now we get to the most important part about this episode—Papa Stilinski and Mama Martin are dating!!

gif via sleepy17

gif via sleepy17

And yes the two exclamation points are necessary! Jeff Davis threw fans quite the curve ball with this episode by revealing that Papa Stilinski was going on a date with someone who is not Mama McCall. Effectively killing the only ship that everyone in the Teen Wolf fandom supported. On top of this, Stiles/Lydia shippers are pretty pissed, because this could successfully turn their favorite couple into step siblings. Personally, I only half supported Stydia. They were kind of cute, but I felt like Stiles’s pursuit of Lydia at the beginning seemed very juvenile and sometimes even occasionally creepy. Though I do enjoy them better as friends, I get why people like it and I admit to being more on board with the ship during Season 3 when the two actually became friends. With the introduction of Malia, I feel like the Stydia ship kind of sunk, though, so I’m not too surprised by this. Now, I did, like pretty much everyone, ship Mama McCall and Papa Stilinski pretty hard. That being said, I actually like this new direction. I always kind of hate when the romantic interests are obvious. I like to be surprised. It’s one of the reason I at least kind of disliked most of the main pairings in Harry Potter. Real life is messy, and the person that may seem like a perfect match for someone because of literary symmetry isn’t always actually the right person. Mama McCall and Papa Stilinski may just be too close friends to pursue anything romantic. Maybe Mama Martin and Papa Stilinski have been flirting before, but we just never saw it. Who knows? But I’m actually kind of excited about this relationship, and I am now more excited for Lydia’s mom to know about the supernatural. Considering she literally saw both Kira and Tracy transform and use their powers, it seems unavoidable at this point.

Dread DoctorsAnd finally, let’s talk about our villains. At first I was very skeptical about the Dread Doctors just because they very much freaked me out, but I feel better about them now. Not because of anything the show did necessarily, but just because I have come to accept that this current Teen Wolf is a very different show now from the one I started watching in Season 1. Basically, since Season 3B, I feel like the show has shifted into a more serious tone and transitioned more into a horror show with some funny moments. With this in mind, the Dread Doctors are kind of perfect. I love how mysterious they are, and I’m interested in learning what function their suits serve and how they can disappear and reappear like ghosts. They seem to be experimenting on people and turning them into supernatural creatures. It would be neat if they were really just very cold and scientific about the whole thing. I think it would be intriguing if they didn’t have any real malevolent purpose, but just were utterly amoral when it came to their experiments.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens to the pack next Monday, but I’m actually kind of hopeful so far. Jeff Davis has a tendency to dash all my hopes and dreams, but you know, fingers crossed.

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