Trailer Tuesdays: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Oh boy, okay, here we go. This trailer is… longer than the original teaser trailer, and we, um, get a look at some more characters, like Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor. So yeah, that’s exciting… but I’m gonna be honest. I’m beyond disappointed in how this is developing. I want to be excited for this movie, but it looks so boring.

Spoilers after the cut!

Overall, the trailer has a lot going on. It is significantly longer than most other trailers, being over three minutes, and I feel that was in part because the teaser trailer wasn’t received well. From what I’ve seen from fans on places like Tumblr, some people seem more excited for the movie after this trailer, but, if anything, I am more concerned.

First off, the movie is starting to look more and more like a straight up versus movie. I just don’t see why I should care about that. Oh, Batman thinks Superman is too dangerous and someone needs to take him out. And Superman thinks Batman is a dangerous vigilante. So they must fight! Ugh! I have been waiting for years to see this team up and we get a fucking versus movie. I don’t care about who would win in a fight. I care about the characters’ differing ethics, I care about their friendship, and I care about their struggles. You know, all the things that make Batman and Superman interesting characters. I don’t care who is stronger. All I can think is that the whole movie will be a lot like Man of Steel, in that there will be almost too much action. I am not going to this movie just to see Superman and Batman beat each other up for two and a half hours. I want to see them as friends!

Secondly, there are Lex Luthor and Wonder Woman, who we finally got see in this trailer. And I just—God, Lex, what have they done to you? Lex looks like a teenager. The cast of Man of Steel was criticized for being too young when the movie first came out. Now we have Lex, who basically acts like a bored teenager who trolls Superman to amuse himself. I was hoping that Lex would be friends with Bruce. Many fans have speculated that some of the wealthy characters in the DC universe know each other pretty well, because their families are all upper crust and their businesses probably all interact. I thought this versus movie could be better explained by Lex manipulating Bruce into being against Superman. Lex is supposed to be a genius, so he could have figured out that Bruce is Batman and try goad him into fighting Superman. The only thing I am excited about involving Lex is that Mercy will be in the movie. Mercy, Lex’s assistant and bodyguard, is played by an Asian actress, and while I’m not impressed with Lex in this trailer, I always loved Mercy. I’m excited to finally see her in a movie.

Wonder Woman does look pretty awesome as well, I will say! I am very excited for her. I would be more excited if she actually got her own fucking movie, and I’m annoyed she is being introduced in this instead of getting her own movie right away. And that she isn’t included in the title, especially since, if the situation was reversed and Batman and Superman were being introduced in a Wonder Woman movie, they would totally be put in the title. I am a little dismayed that we saw more scenes of Wonder Woman as Diana Prince than as a superhero. All of those scenes also include Batman. While Wonder Woman has hooked up with both Superman and Batman before, I really don’t like that the first time Wonder Woman hits the big screen she has to be romantically paired up with one of the boys.

And finally, we have what looks to be some awkward storytelling. And this is not just a problem for the Batman v Superman movie, but for the DC universe in general. The trailer implies that Batman has been Batman for twenty years. So does that mean that this movie takes place twenty years after Man of Steel? Or was Batman around before Superman? I think the trailer implies that Batman was around before Superman and gave up being Batman, but witnessing the destruction that Superman and Zod inflicted on Metropolis urged him to be Batman again. The leaked Suicide Squad trailer also implies that many more people with super powers started making themselves known after Superman’s arrival. So it seems like instead of doing more worldbuilding, DC is just throwing a ton of characters and flashbacks into these two movies so that they can catch up to Marvel. And I just don’t know how well that is gonna go.

static1.squarespaceThere is, however, one thing in the trailer that I am super happy to see—ecstatic really! Jason Todd exists in this universe!!!!!! And yes, all those exclamation points are necessary. Jason Todd never gets to be in anything. No animated TV shows, no videos (until recently that is), and definitely no movies. But now, now I could get a live action Red Hood! Oh praise be! Jason is by far the most interesting of all the Robins. He was a thief as a kid from an abusive home, before Batman took him in. He was the only Robin to really talk back to Batman and not follow his rules. It’s even heavily implied that Jason killed someone in the comics. And there is his tragic death in the iconic comic A Death in the Family, where Jason was brutally beaten and murdered by the Joker. He later is resurrected as anti-hero/villain (depending on your perspective) called Red Hood. And he tries to convince Batman that killing the Joker is the right thing to do. Everyone has that family member who is the black sheep of the family and Jason is definitely the black sheep of the Batfamily. There are also rumors that Red Hood will be the villain in the solo Batman film.

So basically, I am pretty much only excited for the movies Batman v Superman is supposed to set up and launch. And that’s probably not good. I should be excited for this actual movie as well. Hopefully, I will be proven wrong and the movie will be enjoyable, but so far I am very skeptical.

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3 thoughts on “Trailer Tuesdays: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

  1. “So it seems like instead of doing more world building, DC is just throwing a ton of characters and flashbacks into these two movies so that they can catch up to Marvel. And I just don’t know how well that is gonna go.”

    I for one am glad we are jumping right into an already Built DC Universe. In the Comics the present stories are always like that, and I”m sick of adaptations having to spend years building things before we get to the kinds of stories I really want to see.

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