Teen Wolf: “A Novel Approach” Review

teen-wolf-main-title-sequenceLast week we ended on a hell of a cliffhanger—Donovan had been souped up with weird wendigo powers by the Doctors and was going after Stiles, and meanwhile Parrish was burning dead supernaturals’ bodies on the nemeton with no conscious knowledge of doing so. This week’s episode starts off tense, right where last week left off, and things only get worse for our pack from there.

Spoilers for the punnily titled “A Novel Approach” after the jump!

Donovan chases Stiles into the school and up some scaffolding, and we finally learn why Donovan hates the Stilinskis: apparently his dad (who was a cop) was paralyzed from the waist down during an incident when he was partnered with Stiles’s dad. I still don’t care about him or his character at all and so I really wasn’t sad when Stiles dropped some pipes on his weird mutant wendigo ass and impaled him. Stiles, however, is pretty fucked up about it, and in fairness, this may actually be the first blood on his hands if you don’t count anything that happened during the nogitsune arc. He’s even more fucked up when he returns to the school and discovers that Donovan’s body is missing. Deputy Parrish is apparently working overtime snatching bodies.

There’s trouble in paradise for Scott and Kira, as Kira is still concerned that Scott doesn’t remember saying he loved her during their last battle, and Scott is unwilling to tell Kira exactly how much her kitsune powers are growing. Scott and Stiles’s paradise has got its own problems, because when Stiles, somewhat desperate for reassurance, tries to get Scott to agree that sometimes murder is justified for the sake of self defense, our precious cinnamon roll alpha says that it’s never acceptable.

dr-valackAnyway, the plot really picks up when they start looking into the Dread Doctors novel they found last week. After some sleuthing, they discover that it’s dedicated to Dr. Valack, the creepy three-eyeballed Hannibal Lecter wannabe in Eichen House. Sans Malia, they head out to Eichen House to interrogate him. He explains that he’s encountered the Dread Doctors before, and he wrote the book under a pen name as a warning to other potential victims. Apparently the Doctors are able to manipulate electromagnetic fields in such a way that people don’t remember seeing them, and Valack hoped that reading the book would trigger those people’s memories.

Shit starts to get real, though, when Kira’s electricity powers start freaking out without her control. Valack immediately becomes freaked out; he says that kitsune electricity messes with the ley lines that Eichen House is built on, and, sure enough, it allows the Doctors, who would otherwise not be able to enter, to come into the building. While Scott desperately tries to get the sparking Kira out of Arkham, the Doctors appear and summarily vacuum Valack’s extra eyeball out of the hole in his head.

As a burned and crispy Scott plops Kira on the sidewalk (and reassures her that he does remember telling her he loved her, and meant it), a reeling Valack manages to break the glass in his cell. Roll credits.

I love your friendship, guys, but there would be something kind of friendzone-validating about y'all hooking up and also your parents are dating.

I love your friendship, guys, but there would be something kind of friendzone-validating about y’all hooking up and also your parents are dating.

Malia was kind of sidelined this episode. While everyone is out at Eichen House she’s stuck in the library being creeped on by Theo, who later convinces her to try to drive home. This turns out to be a bad idea, since she has another panic attack/flashback and remembers that the Desert Wolf was there when her adoptive mom’s car crashed. I am worried about her forming any sort of connection with Theo. Kira and Scott have a conversation hinting at Stiles and Lydia’s deep connection, and Stiles spends the episode ignoring Malia’s calls, so I’m hoping they don’t throw her to the wolves (no pun intended) to prove later on how evil Theo is and canonize Stydia in one fell swoop.

I also hoped that, finally, after what seems like a million years of buildup, we would find out what Parrish was, but it appears we’re still in the dark there. He isn’t even in the episode except for a second when we see him carrying Donovan’s body away.

All in all, though, this was actually not a terrible episode. Even the portrayal of Eichen House was less bad than usual; although it was still portrayed as a creepy, nasty place, there wasn’t really horrifying medical malpractice happening on screen this time around. (What a low bar, right.) Kira and Scott’s relationship continues to be both adorable and relatable, and I thought Dylan O’Brien did a great job of freaking out at Stiles’s first kill. It was an extra treat to discover that we actually got a Wolf Watch as a followup this week instead of going right into that terrible Scream miniseries. I’d much rather cozy with Posey than have to rush to change the channel immediately.

Next week looks like it’s really gonna throw the Lydia/Parrish thing in our faces, so buckle up for that. Despite that, though, I kind of enjoyed this episode and I’m (gasp) actually kind of looking forward to next week. Till then, my fellow Teen Wolves!

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  2. I love how you paralleled Scott/Kira and Scott/Stiles as both having “trouble in paradise” in this ep haha. 😛

    I loved Stiles so much this episode. I can’t wait for them to finish this storyline where Stiles feels like a murderer.

    • Lol, I mean, even if you just like them together platonically Scott and Stiles are definitely a friendship for the ages, haha.

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