Teen Wolf: “Strange Frequencies” Review

teen-wolf-main-title-sequenceThis week Teen Wolf was much darker than I expected it to be. Not only did “Strange Frequencies” have murder and dead bodies everywhere, it also had a significant amount of gore—and it even showcased a scene with Parrish hallucinating making out with Lydia’s dead reanimated body. What the hell, Teen Wolf?

Hit the jump to find out my thoughts. Spoilers ahead.

Following Hayden’s reveal as a chimera, Liam tries to prove to her that things like werewolves are real and that she’s one of them—which he does by roaring in her face and getting punched in return. Hayden then takes that opportunity to run away from him, but on her way home, she encounters the Dread Doctors and is nearly kidnapped as a result. Thankfully, Liam shows up to save her, and once they’re safe, he takes her straight to his dads—Scott and Stiles.

Teen Wolf HaydenNow knowing that Hayden is a chimera, our pack decides to hide her at the school for the night, since Beacon Hills High is also built on convergence lines. And if they can’t keep the Dread Doctors out, Scott and Lydia plan to capture one. As neither of them ever tells us how they plan to do that, and seeing that they only brought chains with them, it was admittedly a bad plan that wasn’t very well thought through. Although, it wasn’t like they had much of a choice, or even ample time, to figure out something decent.

Meanwhile, Stiles and Theo take the chimera Theo killed last episode to the clinic and set out to wait for the body snatcher. Parrish, in a fugue state, shows up, knocks out both of them, and manages to steal the body while avoiding the carefully placed camera Stiles had set up earlier in the episode. All Stiles got for his efforts was his jeep utterly destroyed and set on fire, and he still doesn’t know Parrish is responsible.

Things aren’t going so well back at the school. The Dread Doctors get inside without any problems and incapacitate our characters with awful hallucinations. Malia gets caught by bear traps that spring up out of the floor before being stabbed in the neck, Scott sees himself almost murdered by Kira, and Lydia’s tongue is ripped out by Tracy. It was all very nasty. The Dread Doctors get what they want though—Hayden, and they kidnapped Liam as well.

And because shit can’t stop hitting the fan, it looks like Kira’s kitsune spirit has taken full control. She runs away from her house in the middle of the night—leaving only the message “115” for her parents behind—and possibly murders another chimera. Mama McCall finds a dead chimera teenager stabbed through the chest with Kira’s sword on her kitchen table.

On the bright side of everything, at the very least, Mama McCall and Papa Stilinski discover how the Dread Doctors are picking their targets. Tracy, Hayden, Donovan, and everybody else were already chimeras before being experimented on. They all had skin grafts or transplants, meaning that they already had two sets of DNA.

This was another episode filled with information, and it had some really good moments with Stiles’s character. We discover more about how he feels being responsible for Donovan’s death—he’s happy Donovan is gone, but he’s convinced that once Scott finds out, their friendship will be over. Theo attempts to make him feel better by reminding him that it was in self-defense, but it’s clearly an attempt to manipulate him into being more trusting. Theo also tells Stiles that Stiles reminds him of his sister, and that Theo plans to watch out for him because he wasn’t able to watch out for her. This is all a lie, however, as we flashback to see that Theo is either directly or indirectly responsible for her death. She broke her leg and died of hypothermia in a creek and he either did nothing to help her or put her in that position himself. Then he stood and watched as she died. Surprisingly, this flashback makes me slightly more interested in his character as a villain, and I’m starting to love hating him as opposed to simply being bored by him.

Teen Wolf Scott and KiraOverall, I really liked this episode. Mason shows up once again, and he discovers that Cory, Lucas’s boyfriend, is another chimera. Mason’s proving to be smart and quick-witted, while also compassionate. After realizing that Cory has changed, he heads to the school to tell Scott, and manages to save our alpha from his hallucination by cutting him on the hand. Next week, I really want to see what Scott does now that the Dread Doctors have taken his baby boy, and I’m also looking forward to seeing more from Kira’s kitsune and learning about the mythology surrounding it.

Kira’s parents have figured out there’s a problem with her, and they try to help her regain control. This makes me wonder whether or not Noshiko herself went through something similar with her own kitsune. I guess we’ll find out what happens next time. Until then!

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