Trailer Tuesdays: Deadpool

Do I really need to talk about how awesome and in character everything in this trailer is? Probably not, but I am going to anyway! And admittedly, while I am extremely excited for this movie I am still a little worried about one thing in particular.

There are so many things that I loved about this trailer. Deadpool’s costume is perfect, the humor is spot on, Deadpool breaks the fourth wall, and Ryan Reynolds just is Deadpool. I even enjoyed the crack at DC Comics that made fun of the Green Lantern movie (and again broke the fourth wall). I’m also excited for a lot of the characters we are going to get to see. Morena Baccarin, of Firefly fame, will be playing Copycat. We also have Weasel and Blind Al (my favorite Deadpool sidekick) in the movie. Blind Al is also played by Leslie Uggams, so instead of Al being white like she is in the comics, she will be Black. Including Baccarin, that means we will have two female characters of color in the movie. Other than that, sadly, the movie looks pretty white. One can only hope that in the future more characters of color will be added to any future sequels.

Blind AlI was also pleased to see that Deadpool is still portrayed as being disfigured. I was really worried that the movie was going to try and make Deadpool more stereotypically beautiful, because this is Hollywood and beautiful people make money. But I am excited to see that the movie is going to stay true to the character. Well… mostly.

So far there is no indication from the trailer that Deadpool is pansexual. There’s no problem with Deadpool being with women—after all, I am pansexual and married to a man. So it would be real hypocritical of me to judge the creators for putting Deadpool with women in this trailer. However, I think there needs to be some indication that Deadpool is attracted to all genders. There is something of a silver lining in all this though. The X-Men are in this movie. Now, you might be wondering what this has to do with Deadpool’s sexuality. Well, before Deadpool developed a crush on Spider-Man and Spideypool became a thing, Deadpool and Cable were pretty much an item. Colossus is one of the X-Men that Deadpool teams up (or maybe tries to kill—it’s hard to tell sometimes with Deadpool) with in this trailer, and Colossus is often a teammate in X-Force, which is led by Cable. It doesn’t seem like Cable is likely to be in this movie, but it is a good sign for future movies.

Deadpool:CableI am a little worried about how gratuitous the nudity and female objectification is. While this is common for Deadpool (he does objectify sometimes, he is by no means a perfect character), the Deadpool comics and video games have often found ways of pointing out how the objectification is not okay. This was especially well done in the recent video game where the objectified women literally told Deadpool/the player that they were fulfilling a trope and being objectified. I can only hope that something similar is done in the movie.

In any case, while I have some reservations, I am extremely excited about the upcoming Deadpool movie and look forward to seeing it in theaters on February 12th, 2016!

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