Teen Wolf: “Lies of Omission” Review

teen-wolf-main-title-sequenceOkay… so, last night on Teen Wolf

aja-hawkeyeYep, that about sums it up. This week we hate Theo literally even more than we thought possible, Jeff Davis attempts to kill yet another one of my OTPs, and I wonder where the fuck all the adults are this season. ‘Cause I mean, seriously, how do we not expect things to go to shit when a bunch of seventeen year olds are in charge!?

Spoilers after the cut!

Our episode kicks off with a voiceover from Scott talking about everything that’s going wrong. At first it’s pretty interesting because we hear Scott’s thoughts on his asthma returning. I love the fact that Scott’s asthma is back; whether it’s because the Dread Doctors did something to him or just because Scott is basically having panic attacks triggering his asthma, we don’t know, but I think it’s a really neat idea to explore. However, the rest of Scott’s voiceover kind of just turns into an infodump. While Scott does give some deeper insights into how he thinks things are going, the whole voiceover mostly just summarizes for the audience what has happened so far. Which is annoying: “show, don’t tell” is like, the first thing you learn when you start writing. But anyway, the end of Scott’s info dump sets us up for the tragedy that is this episode. Scott explains how the pack is falling apart and no one is talking to each other. He explains that while no one is blatantly lying, it’s all lies of omission. We’ll talk more about this in a second. We also find out he is telling all of this to the evil life ruiner Theo, who has manipulated Scott into trusting him.

Meanwhile, Lydia and Stiles are trying to find the Nemeton. Stiles doesn’t want to tell Parrish about how he is stealing the bodies because he’s worried that they’ll find Donovan’s body at the Nemeton. Lydia, being the only smart person, insists to Stiles that they have to tell Parrish because “It’s better when they know”. Thank you, Lydia! My voice of reason in a cloud of despair. Lydia tells Parrish and helps him clear his mind in order to find the Nemeton, where we find several bodies all around the stump. I’m still convinced that Parrish is a phoenix and all these people will be brought back to life, but at the moment there is just a bunch of bodies. Parrish freaks out and locks himself up because of this, telling Sheriff Stilinski he is dangerous. Lydia seems to think that Parrish is trying to hide the supernatural from people, but whatever the case, poor Parrish is thoroughly freaked out.

Our two chimeras, Cory and Hayden, are having a tough time. Cory starts bleeding silver, and despite Scott’s best efforts, the Dread Doctors still kill him. Scott runs off to find Hayden, assuming the Dread Doctors will be after her next. It’s a good assumption since Hayden also started bleeding silver and asked Liam not to tell. Poor baby Liam is mad at Papa Scott at this point, so he agrees and Liam and Hayden try to handle it on their own. During all of this Malia discovers another chimera and tries to help only to witness her being murdered by the Dread Doctors. This sets Malia off. She tells Stiles she can’t handle this anymore and before walking away and disappearing. Perhaps she is running again, which I wouldn’t be surprised by, because she is seventeen and has no parental support and all her friends are being stupid. But back to the plot.

On the way to helping Liam and Hayden, Theo tells Scott about how Stiles “killed” Donovan. I have “killed” in quotes because not only was Stiles defending himself, but it also came off as accidental—Stiles was trying to get away from the guy, not actually impale him. But Theo, the biggest douche in the universe, tells Scott that Stiles killed Donovan because he threatened his dad, and that Stiles beat him with a wrench to to where Donovan wasn’t even recognizable. This causes Scott to be utterly distraught because Stiles hasn’t been talking to him and Theo has been manipulating him (and Stiles) this whole time. Scott and Theo rush to help Hayden, but despite their best efforts, the Dread Doctors still manage to inject Hayden with mercury. Scott tells Theo and Liam to take Hayden to the animal clinic. It is then we get the scene that makes me want to murder everyone violently. Scott and Stiles confront each other out in the rain (cause the melodrama has to be thick) about Stiles murdering Donovan. But here is the issue: they don’t actually talk to each other. Scott just says, “You killed Donovan.” And Stiles just responds with, “He was going to kill my dad.” And since neither of them really elaborate any more than that, this causes Scott to think that Stiles is admitting to the violent murder Theo told him about, and Stiles thinks Scott is shunning him for defending himself. Neither of which is accurate!

Theo is a fuckboy

The Teen Wolf fandom finally found something we can all agree on: Theo must die!

I get the whole moral of this episode is that secrets don’t make friends and if the whole pack just talked to each other, then they would be doing better. But here is the thing: I hate melodrama that could easily be solved by talking. I agree with the writers that Stiles and Scott need to have a break in their friendship. I don’t like it, but as a writer I understand the need for characters to have a falling out and then come back together. But I would rather it they have a falling out over actual differences in world views. Scott does trust too easily, and Stiles is too suspicious. Stiles has also on more than one occasion actually advocated for murdering the bad guy on the show. I was hoping to see Scott struggle with making tough decisions as a leader and Stiles dealing with being almost too willing to take a violent route, and having the two come to blows (figuratively speaking) over it—only to eventually realize that they need each other. Scott and Stiles balance each other out. But no, what I get is a fight over a fucking miscommunication! Seriously, their whole conversation would have gone differently if Scott and Stiles had just each used a few more words to more thoroughly explain themselves. It makes sense for all the characters, at this point, to be secretive and not talk to each other about things, since Theo is basically using his creeper powers to be the turd in the punch bowl. Yet it makes no sense that when the characters finally confront each other, there’s no actual conversation—just because the writers want to keep the drama going. It’s ridiculous and it’s poor writing.

Theo Teen WolfI also thoroughly don’t understand how Scott’s lie detecting werewolf powers didn’t work on Theo. The writers didn’t even mention Theo trying to keep his heartbeat steady or something. Lydia, too, conveniently lost her banshee powers when she and Stiles were searching for the bodies at the Nemeton. It just really bugs me that the writers seem to forget about our character’s powers when it’s not convenient to the plot.

Also, none of the ladies have gotten enough screen time either. Well, Lydia is getting some, but I seriously need more Kira, Malia, and Lydia in, like, everything. I think part of the problem here is that they fucking killed Allison (yeah, still not over it). Allison was basically a third of the golden trio and let’s face it, all of our other characters, female or not, were secondary characters to Allison, Scott, and Stiles. So I’m worried that the ladies are kind of taking a back seat to our male heroes now that Allison is not there to represent.

I’m also seriously concerned about the lack of parents. In the first two seasons we still had all of our parents and people like Deaton, Derek, and heck, even on occasion, Peter, helping our teenagers out. But nope, Deaton has been gone way too long and I get that he is now a hostage, but did he really have to leave during such a crisis? Couldn’t he have made a phone call or something? Sheriff Stilinski is being a very unhelpful butt because he doesn’t know how to reconcile being Sheriff and knowing about the supernatural, so he is no help. Parrish has been somewhat helpful, but is also going through his own shit. Mrs. Martin is pretending nothing is going on. And Mama McCall, the only helpful smart one, has been weirdly absent this season (because, again, the writers get rid of good things when it’s not convenient to the plot). I miss our other adults that actually dealt with supernatural shit for a living, like Papa Argent, Derek and Braeden. According to IMDB, all of our adults (other than Derek and Braden sadly) are coming back next episode for the mid-season finale. So maybe our poor underage teens will finally get some support.

Teen Wolf needs an adultI mentioned at the beginning of this season that Teen Wolf was still good, just not the same show I fell in love with. Now, though, yes, it’s still good, but it doesn’t make me happy. I like this season’s plot, but everything has been so depressing. I mean, where are the funny campy moments the show used to have to balance this melodrama out? I miss watching this show and feeling happy afterward. In any case, it’s possible the mid-season finale next Monday will make me feel better. But I kind of doubt it.

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4 thoughts on “Teen Wolf: “Lies of Omission” Review

  1. I could go through and list all of the ways I agree with you but it would be easier to say: I agree with absolutely everything you say.

  2. Don’t agree with anything you wrote in the review, really loved this episode and the tension between Scott and Stiles especially. Theo basically told Scott Stiles had a anger problem and with everything going on with Stiles this season Scott believing that isn’t hard, especially when you look back at Stiles reactions in the early episodes and the fact they barely seem to have talked to each other. Stiles also completely believes Scott knows about everything and is rejecting him, so why would he go into more detail on that when he completely and utterly believes that whats is forcing Scott to turn his back on him?

  3. Yea, totally agree, especially on the miscommunication and powers used when necessary though I think Theo is good at managing his reactions since he murdered people and his eyes haven’t turned.

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