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Heroes… Oh, Heroes! I used to adore this show. I loved it. I tried to get everyone I knew to watch it; I was obsessed. The first season was amazing, but then the second season was just… okay. The third and fourth seasons were almost laughably bad. It became pretty sad, eventually. Sometimes your favorite characters were killed off and other times they lived, but either way, the writers ruined their storyline. I loved the characters so much that I kept watching just to see what would happen to them, but by the end I was glad it was over because I just didn’t want my once good show to continue embarrassing itself.

Originally, the show had a ton of minority characters, from women, to people of color, to people with disabilities. Yet, by the end of the show in Season 4, the story almost entirely focused on two white male characters, Peter and Sylar, who were two of the most powerful, and a white female character named Claire. All that diversity eventually disappeared—minority characters were either killed off, simply not shown anymore, or their characters were just so ruined by poor writing that eventually even the writers themselves stopped putting them in the show often. Mohinder was one example of this. He starts off as a non-powered scientist who ends up being the leading scientist who understands these evolved humans, but at the end of the show he injects himself with a serum to give himself powers and turns into some creepy lizard bug man. He develops scales and starts kidnapping people and spinning webs around them. It was an extremely disappointing twist.

Needless to say, I was actually kind of hoping that Heroes would never come back, so I am extremely hesitant about Heroes Reborn. But I can already feel myself getting sucked back in.

First off, many of my favorite characters are back. Micah, a technopath who was written out of the show after Season 2, appears in the trailer. Mohinder is there again, but thankfully does not appear to have his powers anymore. At least, one can hope. Hiro also makes an appearance in his more badass time-traveling jaded form, as opposed to his more usual happy-go-lucky form from the beginning of the series. The Haitian, a man with the power to wipe peoples’ memories, is also going to be in the show. Furthermore, if you check out the IMDB page for the series there appears to be a character named Anne Monroe. Now Monroe is a pretty common last name, but it’s also the name of one the Heroes universe’s most powerful villains. Adam Monroe was a quasi-immortal who had lived for so long he saw himself practically as a god. He was disgusted with the world and all its problems and decided to destroy and remake the world. He never succeeded and was eventually killed, but we know from the Heroes comics that he had several wives over the years, and children, so it is possible this new character will be connected to him somehow.

Secondly, Heroes always toyed with the idea that eventually those with powers would be exposed. Almost every season took us to a potentially awful future where those with powers were being kidnapped and murdered. But every season ended with the Heroes saving the day before they could be exposed, except for Season 4 which ends with Claire exposing her power to heal from any wound to the world. So it’s cool to finally see this storyline, which was hinted at so many times, actually play out.

Heroes RebornHowever, I’m still apprehensive, largely because Heroes’s plot, stories, and characters were so messed up and ruined by the end of Season 4 that I didn’t see any way to fix the issues already present to make the story coherent again. I almost hope Heroes Reborn is more like an alternate universe of the original Heroes universe, because at least that way you could simply write out the worst parts of the show and just say that they never happened. However, I don’t think that’s what’s going to happen.

On top of this, while the show has always been diverse, there were almost always more white characters than characters of color, and with the exception of a few, I feel like the white characters got way more screen time. It seems based on the trailer and the poster that this might be even more true for Heroes Reborn. It certainly seemed to me like the cast was even less diverse than I remembered it being before. But there are still more minority characters than most other shows, so I’m going to choose to remain cautiously optimistic on that front.

I’m not going to lie; I have already committed myself to watching Heroes Reborn, although more out of obligation than actual joy. Maybe Heroes Reborn will redeem Heroes for me, but I really doubt it.

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