Trailer Tuesdays: The Flash Season 2

Well, September is finally ending and October is nearly here. That means all our favorite shows are about to start up again. Sleepy Hollow returns later this week. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is coming back for its third season tonight, and we’ve also got The Flash and Arrow on the CW arriving early next month. Out of all our returning superhero shows, I’m not sure which one I’m most excited for. I adore Arrow and The Flash, especially The Flash. At only one season in, The Flash was all kinds of fun. It was upbeat, had good humor, but it also managed to balance that with some more serious issues. While I didn’t enjoy that the story was essentially about Barry’s revenge for his fridged mother and the ableist undertones with Wells’s character, The Flash did well in other fronts. Like Arrow, it has some great female characters, introduced the Pied Piper for some much needed LGBTQ+ representation as well, and it wasn’t filled with nothing but white people.

Now that Season 2 is almost here, let’s take a look:

Last season ended with Wells, aka Eobard Thawne, finally being defeated and erased from time when Eddie sacrifices himself, thus insuring that Wells could never be born. Barry also makes the choice not to save his mother when he takes a trip of his own to the past, because he already has everything he wants in life. However, not everything is well; due to an incident with the particle accelerator, a black hole of sorts also forms over Central City that Barry must use his speed to stop.

Season 2 looks to show us some consequences from the Season 1 finale. From what I can tell, the singularity the particle accelerator has connected to other worlds, and Jay Garrick, the original Flash from the comics, comes from an alternate world or timeline because Barry’s world is in danger. Season 2 will also bring us the villain Zoom. I’m not sure how this is going to happen. In the comics, Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash, is Zoom, and Eobard is already dead in this universe. However, his actor has been brought on for this season as well, so I guess we’ll have to wait to see how all this plays out.

Anyway, Zoom is hiring people to kill the Flash with the promise to take said assassins back to their own world, and I couldn’t be more excited.

keiynan-lonsdale-wally-westKeiynan Lonsdale has also been cast as Wally West, Iris’s nephew in the comics. This is exciting to me for numerous reasons. The first reason is that we’re introducing another person of color into the story, and while this means that we’ll unfortunately end up with another Black superhero being a white superhero’s sidekick, Wally West does eventually break away from Barry and become a hero in his own right. If my memory serves me right, even though Cisco is both a person of color and a metahuman, he hasn’t really come into his abilities yet, so Wally West is going to be the first powered person of color who’s fighting for the good guys.

I’m also excited for Wally’s inclusion because in the comics he and Hartley Rathaway are really good friends. So if The Flash wants to explore their friendship, Hartley, DC’s first openly gay character will potentially be getting more screen time as well. Another reason I really want to see Wally is because he was one of my favorite characters from Young Justice, which was prematurely cancelled. That show also ended on a cliff hanger with Wally dying in the process, so it’ll be nice to see him again here as well.

The Flash comes back on Oct. 6th, and I’m excited for what looks to be another fun season.

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