Fanfiction Fridays: Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast by delicfcd

For today’s fanfic rec, I went on a bit of a nostalgia run into good old Harry Potter. I love the increase in fanart now that racebending headcanons have become popular, and while in the depths of AO3, I was hoping the jump in fannish creativity had led to some good fic for my Harry Potter rarepair, Harry and Luna. Though AO3 proved to be mostly fruitless, I did run into an old favorite on FictionAlley.

harry and luna

Like this, but more diverse.

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast is particularly fascinating because it does a great job of showcasing the inside of Luna’s head. In a world full of wizards and magic, Luna is the most eccentric person we ever meet, and no one seems to be able to follow her particular brand of logic—especially because we never see anything from her point of view, we only get Harry’s rather obtuse narration. So this is pretty cool.

She absently trailed her hand along the wall as she went – Sophie Morrow claimed that there was a false wall along this corridor somewhere, and Luna was quite fond of secret, hidden places. Sophie had also said that you could only pass through the wall to the room beyond if you ran straight at it, but Luna wasn’t about to run straight at a wall without any indication that it would give way. There was always the possibility that Sophie had been wrong, or trying to see if Luna could be goaded into running flat-out into a wall. Luna imagined some would consider that an amusing sight, although she couldn’t figure out why. Ginny had once mused that ‘Some people find bad things happening to good people funny, and some find bad things happening to bad people funny. I mean, if one of those horrible girls in your house tried to take one of your things and it turned into a giant spider when they tried to pick it up, that’d be funny, right?’ 

Luna had considered this for a time, and then asked ‘I don’t know. Would the spider tell jokes, or is it just a funny-looking spider?’ Ginny had laughed at that, then hugged her and said she was most definitely ‘good people.’ 

Luna still wasn’t so sure. She had to admit that sometimes – reaching for her towel and finding nothing  wincing as her feet met cold floor where her slippers should have been – she wouldn’t mind so much if something bad happened to certain people. Which made her feel somewhat upset at herself – they weren’t bad people, they were just mean people. 

No, that still wasn’t fair, was it? They were nice enough to each other, most of the time. Not mean people, then, just people who did mean things. Everybody did mean things, occasionally. Even Harry had, once or twice, and he was perhaps the most suited to the title of ‘good people’ out of anyone Luna knew. 

She thought about the way he snapped ‘Don’t call her that!’ whenever he heard the word ‘Loony’ and felt quite cheered, although that was probably nothing more than Harry being Harry.

The fic is also a really good depiction of what I liked about the Harry and Luna relationship; namely, that Luna seems to be able to help Harry out of his strops when no one else can. Luna was the only one to make Harry feel a little bit better about Sirius’s death, and Harry obviously liked her for it, although he made sure to clarify in the books that it was “just as a friend”. This fic expands on that connection, as Luna runs into Harry one early morning and they have a conversation about impossible things like Stubby Boardman, defeating Voldemort, and kissing. The dialogue is sweet and natural, and it’s a fun little snippet of their relationship.

You can find Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast here on FictionAlley! I hope you enjoy this 4k trip down memory lane as much as I did.

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