Sleepy Hollow: “I, Witness” Review

Sleepy Hollow Season 3Welcome back, everyone, to our weekly Sleepy Hollow reviews. Yes, Season 3 premiered last night, and if our premiere episode is anything to go by, this year will be so much better than last year. Season 2 was definitely not the show’s strongest point, but “I, Witness” almost made me forget all the badness that happened. This episode calls back to the good old days when Sleepy Hollow was significantly more fun to watch. We got our creepy monster-of-the-week terrorizing the community, Ichabod discovers that restaurants designed after colonial times are nothing like colonial times, and Abbie’s got her dream job at the FBI. Making this episode even better was Jenny popping up and she and Ichabod having cheesy moments together where they bond over being social outcasts.

As I said, this episode was awesome, so look out for spoilers up ahead.

“I, Witness” opens up with a witch, who we’ll later discover is called Pandora, hanging out in the woods. She runs across the Headless Horseman, a villain that I more or less forgot existed at some point, since Season 2 pretty much had nothing for him to do for the past ten episodes. However, just when I thought we were going to have to deal with Abraham’s manpain again, Pandora casts a spell on him to trap him in her box. Maybe his character will stay in there forever.

Ichabod realizes that something’s happened to the Horseman, since he has Katrina’s necklace as a keepsake and it’s tied to the Headless Horseman. And he knows that if someone out there is powerful enough to defeat Abraham, then there’s probably another great evil running around Sleepy Hollow. Unfortunately for Ichabod, he’s been arrested for trying to bring a priceless 4000-year-old artifact over the border into the US and needs Abbie to get him out of jail. Abbie uses her new FBI powers in order to save him and the two catch up a bit over what they did during their summer break from fighting monsters.

Ichabod had gone traveling alone in order to deal with his grief over Katrina and Henry, while Abbie, obviously, had gone off to Quantico. Also, Jenny in that time period attempted to be an upright law-abiding citizen and got herself a job as a paralegal. This is not a job that worked out for her all that well, since like Ichabod, she’s not quite sure what a paralegal even is.

It’s like a non-lawyer, right?

It’s like a non-lawyer, right?

While all this is going on, Pandora uses the powers she got from trapping the Horseman to summon forth a fear demon, which, as its nature implies, has the ability to paralyze people with fear before killing them. And since magic is involved, Pandora can take those people’s fears, turn them into tangible objects, like water, and use them to water her pet tree. Looking up mythology, I’m not quite certain what role this tree is going to play, because I can’t find anything about it, and Saika wasn’t sure what it was all about either.

Abbie, Ichabod, and Jenny figure out how to track the fear demon down, though, and through teamwork, kill it, before heading out to a bar to have some much needed drinks and catch up.

This episode was all kinds of fun. To start, we have a new female villain who appears to be Pandora from Greek mythology. I am hesitant to be excited about this, if only because of how poorly the show handled Katrina’s character in the past. We don’t know that much about her right now—what her motivations are, what type of role she will play outside of villain, how well the show will handle the mythology—but hopefully Sleepy Hollow will do better with her. Sadly, it also looks like Frank Irving’s character is gone for this season and it doesn’t seem as though he’ll be returning anytime soon. A little less sadly, Hawley is pretty much gone as well.

Maybe if Hawley returns, she can trap the badness that was his character in her box forever too.

Maybe if Hawley returns, she can trap the badness that was his character in her box forever too.

I actually have a lot of hope for this season, however. Not only do I look forward to seeing more from Pandora, according to IMDB, Joe Corbin is coming back, and we also got to meet Betsy Ross in one of Ichabod’s flashbacks this episode. You know, Betsy Ross—“the flag lady” as Jenny puts it. It turns out that Betsy was actually a badass fighter who played a pivotal role in winning the war, and that sewing was just a cover story for her. As she was introduced as a love interest for Ichabod, I can only pray that Sleepy Hollow will do more with her character than it did with Katrina.

Thus far, Season 3 looks like a big improvement from Season 2, and I can’t wait to see where the show takes the characters. Irving may be gone, but we’ve got a couple other familiar faces returning, and it was always wonderful to see more from Jenny. So be sure to check in with us again next week as we continue on with the reviews!

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