Trailer Tuesdays: Teen Wolf Season 5 Part B

Is it January yet? The Teen Wolf trailer for the second half of Season 5 is out and while it still looks much darker than I would like Teen Wolf to be, I am pleased with some of the things we see in this trailer and a bit confused by the absence of others.

So there are some things that really upset and confused me in this trailer, the main one being Lydia still in Arkham—I mean, Eichen House. The ableism is still strong with this place, and now with all the mental, physical, and emotional abuse Lydia has suffered throughout the seasons we can add someone literally doing surgery on her without her consent. This is apparently to enhance her powers, which has the potential to be interesting, but I am 100% done with Lydia always being the victim of some type of brutality. On top of this, it appears our formerly three-eyed patient, Dr. Valack, is the one who performed this surgery on Lydia (God, I hope he didn’t give her a third eye). But I’m mostly confused because he was a patient and considered very dangerous. In the first half of Season 5 he escaped after the Dread Doctors took his third eye. Now he’s back… as a doctor? What? How does that make sense? It’s not like he was declared fit for society or anything; he literally escaped an asylum. Why would the same doctors who imprisoned him then hire their escaped patient? There better be a good explanation for that. This show has enough problems without more really obvious plot holes.

While I’m not thrilled about the conflict between Scott and Stiles continuing (my babies just need to kiss and make up already) from the brief scene we see in the trailer I can already tell that we are going to be treated to some absolutely stellar acting from both Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien. I am pleased that all my ladies seem to be back for this half of the season. Both Kira and Malia are in the trailer, along with Hayden, Tracey, and obviously Lydia. I do wish more screen time would be given to the ladies, though. In the last half of the season I was especially annoyed by how little screen time Kira and Malia got, especially since I found their storylines more interesting than some of the main storylines. Regretfully, Braeden was not in the trailer, but considering her appearance at the end of the first half of the season I can only assume we will soon see more of her. But that’s where I start getting confused about some of the things not in this trailer.

The hell is that Jeff Davis!!!??

The hell is that, Jeff Davis!!!??

I’m very ready for a Malia heavy season and with the arrival of the Desert Wolf and Malia’s issues with Peter, I thought for sure we were going to be treated to some awesome Malia family shenanigans. I thought in this trailer we’d at least see the Desert Wolf and Peter, indicating that that plotline was going to start taking center stage. I want to know why the Desert Wolf wants to kill Malia (especially since if she didn’t want Malia why didn’t she consider an abortion?). Why did Talia Hale take Peter’s memory of his relationship with the Desert Wolf and his daughter in the first place? Furthermore, Malia is trying to separate herself from her family and prove she is not like Peter or her mother. She doesn’t want to be associated with the Hale name and stays far away from Peter, and she wants to kill her mother for what she did to Malia’s adoptive family. This storyline just has so much going for it and so far it’s not getting the screen time it deserves. On top of this, while I’m not the world’s biggest Peter fan, I have to admit he can be an interesting character and is often crucial to the plot. So it’s strange we didn’t see him in the first half of the season, especially since he was supposed to be in Eichen House where Scott and the others left him. Dr. Valack even calls Peter his former cellmate. Did Peter escape? Was he just moved to another cell? What happened? I have a theory that maybe the powerful black slimey looking thing that’s apparently the Dread Doctor’s latest success might actually be Peter. Maybe they kidnapped him from the start and have been experimenting on him? Maybe?

Finally, I am extremely happy to see Mason getting a love interest. I wonder if it is Brett or the one chimera he was flirting with last season. But I am super excited to see the return of my favorite DILF Papa Argent. I missed him very much last season. As always with Teen Wolf, I am apprehensive about what’s to come, but I will admit this trailer got me excited. Can’t wait until January.

gif via teenwolf

gif via teenwolf

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