Trailer Tuesdays: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

The Flash’s second season is only three episodes in, and already it’s just about everything I’ve hoped it would be. The Arrowverse is something I’ve most definitely grown to adore. Not only is it expansive, it provides us with some much needed representation. And now, it’s getting yet another spin off show, Legends of Tomorrow, and well, take a look:

Be still my heart, I think I may be in love.

When I first heard about Legends of Tomorrow, I was both optimistically excited and confused. The show stars Sara Lance, the original Black Canary, as one of its main characters, yet she died early on in Arrow’s third season. It also stars Ray Palmer, the Atom, another character who died during the third season. Nevertheless, I waited eagerly to find out what happened, because Legends of Tomorrow looks to be everything I’ve always wanted in a television show: it’s a season-long team up of heroes and villains, and if you’ve read any of my Fanfiction Fridays reviews, you’ll know that’s my favorite kind of story.

After Sara Lance is revived via Lazarus Pit and we discover that Ray Palmer survived an otherwise fatal explosion by shrinking himself, the world is in danger once more. Both Flash and Green Arrow claim that they cannot stop this new threat by themselves, so they set up a team consisting of Hawkgirl, White Canary, the Atom, Firestorm, and Captain Cold and Heatwave. Though we don’t see him in the trailer, Hawkman is also set to appear in this show. Our characters are going to team up with Rip Hunter, a time-traveler from the future, in order to face off against Vandal Savage, one of DC’s more notorious and dangerous villains.

I’m so happy about all of this that I’m not sure where to even begin. I want to criticize the show for its casting of Falk Hentschel as Hawkman (Carter Hall), since Falk Hentschel is white, or at the least, fairly white passing and he’s playing a reincarnated Egyptian. He should probably be Black. I do want to give Legends the benefit of the doubt, though, especially since both Arrow and The Flash have done so well with diversity issues. Ciara Renée will appear as Hawkgirl (Kendra Saunders). I loved Hawkgirl in the Justice League Animated Series, and even though Kendra is a different Hawkgirl from the one who appeared there, she’s still a superhero who I’m excited to see on the small screen.

DC-Legends-of-TomorrowAnd of course, there’s the return of Sara Lance. Her death during Arrow’s third season caused a lot of controversy. I hated it because it led into an incredibly ableist storyline that the show thankfully resolved and more or less handled well by that season’s end. For a lot of other people, Sara’s death was a problem because she’s an openly bisexual superhero who was well developed and not subject to offensive stereotypes. She provided the LGBTQ+ community with some awesome representation, and considering how rampant biphobia is both in the real world and in our storylines, Sara was an important character. So I am happy to see her come back to life. There is also a chance that she will turn into a villain eventually. Her new codename is White Canary, and White Canary is an antagonist to Black Canary in the comics.

While I will readily admit that I wasn’t a biggest fan of Arrow’s first season, this universe is expanding at a rapid rate and I’m loving every minute of it. I’m happy about all the new characters we’re getting to meet—for many of them, Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow are their first appearance in live-action. Legends will debut at the start of 2016 in January during Arrow’s and The Flash’s midseason break. Both those shows still have half a season to get our characters to where they are in Legends—everyone still thinks Ray is dead, Sara’s struggling with the effects of the Lazarus Pit, and Captain Cold is in jail—and I eagerly await what happens next. I know I’ll be tuning in for this show. How about you guys? Let me know in the comments.

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