Trailer Tuesdays: Captain America: Civil War

The night before the Civil War trailer dropped, I spent a solid half hour complaining to my long-suffering mother about the lack of a Civil War trailer. It was just unconscionable to me that it had neither been leaked nor officially released yet, and I was growing more and more nervous about what the movie would be like.

My opinion about what the conflict of Civil War should be in a nutshell. (x)

My opinion about what the conflict of Civil War should be in a nutshell. (x)

Apparently, the Marvel powers that be heard my complaints, because the very next morning I awoke to the glory of the above trailer.

This trailer, in less than two and a half minutes, has put to rest a number of my concerns about the movie. My two biggest worries were that the huge cast of the movie would be detrimental to the story, and that the acquisition of the rights to Spider-Man would take the focus off my precious brainwashed assassin son Bucky.

While there are still several credited characters who didn’t appear in this trailer, it seems like the crowd that is the cast is pretty well balanced—at least in this brief glimpse. I just hope that all the characters will get an amount of screentime appropriate and proportional to the importance of their character. Also, that Black Panther will be well developed and interesting, because he was only in like two seconds of the trailer but he looked so, so cool.

And, going from the way the plot is framed in this particular trailer, the conflict is definitely going to revolve around Bucky, which is what I have wanted since I walked out of Winter Soldier. While Spider-Man will no doubt appear in the movie, it doens’t look like he’s going to be the rallying point of the “civil war” the way he was in the comics event, and that’s fine with me. I’m already deeply emotionally invested in the way Steve and Bucky’s relationship will be portrayed, and while I don’t have any actual hope that Marvel will let them be queer together in canon, I am excited for a whole new movie’s worth of (yes, queerbaity—sigh) fanfiction fodder.

This is the face of a man in love and you cannot convince me otherwise.

This is the face of a man in love and you cannot convince me otherwise. *clutches my bi!Cap headcanons to my chest until I die*

My two remaining concerns are these: first of all, it looks like Rhodey is gonna get hurt pretty badly, and that’s unnacceptable because Rhodey is a perfect, beautiful snowflake of a character who only just got to join the Avengers. Dear Russo brothers: please do not take this sweet cinnamon roll from us. Secondly, and this is more of a concern about the movie in general than this trailer, I am worried about Natasha’s characterization yet again. While I definitely trust the Russo bros to treat her character right—far, far more than I trust Joss Whedon to—it doesn’t make a lick of sense to me for Natasha to be siding with Tony over Steve. She doesn’t really like Tony, for one thing, and she’s been shown to be pretty good friends with Steve. I figure her alignment has to mean one of two things: either she is being forced to toe the line after the release of all her personal history in CA2, or she is intentionally siding with Tony because she plans to double-cross him later on.

All that said, don’t let the coherency of this post confuse you. My actual feelings about this movie fall somewhere between “verklempt” and this gif:

Me inside at all times when I think about this movie. (x)


Now, if you excuse me, I have a date with the Steve/Bucky tag on AO3.

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  1. How could you not love Steve and Bucky! I can’t wait to see more of them together in civil war

  2. Omg omg omg sooooo much excitement!! I CANT WAIT! Thank you so much for sharing 😀

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