Trailer Tuesdays: Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Revisited

Oh my God! So guess what, guys? I’m not as nervous about the Batman vs Superman movie anymore! Though as always, I still have some concerns.

Between this and Civil War, comic book fans have a lot to look forward to. And at the risk of sounding unprofessional, so do the slash fans. Man, the Civil War trailer looks more like a Stucky vs Stony fic, and now Batman vs Superman opening shots looks like the start of almost every SuperBat fic I have ever read. I doubt the movies will go the queerbaiting route. At least, I hope they won’t, but my little shipper heart is excited, I won’t lie.

Now on to more plot-oriented things! The past trailer for the Batman vs. Superman movie left a lot to be desired, but now I am actually really excited. It looks fun! Finally! A DC Comics movie that actually looks a little more fun and upbeat is what I have been waiting for. Until now every trailer or special clip has looked so dark and serious that it made me want to beat my head against a wall. I have no problem with a serious take on superheroes, but I always thought it was a mistake on the part of most DC movies to avoid including anything even a little bit lighthearted—especially when it comes to Batman and Superman! I love the Batman and Superman team-ups and their friendship. Their banter and personality clashes have always been so humorous and entertaining that it would be a shame to lose any of that. Seeing a bit more humor in this trailer was a godsend.


There has been some criticism that this trailer revealed too much of the plot. And without seeing the movie, that could very well be true. It’s been revealed that Lex is at least partially responsible for getting Batman and Superman to fight, Wonder Woman’s entrance was revealed, and of course Doomsday was shown to be one of the villains in this movie. That’s definitely a packed trailer, but I enjoyed it because it showed me, finally, that this was not simply going to be a versus movie, which was something I was very worried about. I’m hoping the versus part of the movie will be relatively short and Bats and Supes will quickly join up to fight evil. I love Superman and Batman’s friendship and I will be supremely disappointed if this movie stresses their rivalry more than their friendship, which I have always felt was very nuanced and complex.

I was also pleased to get to see more Ben Affleck as both Batman and Bruce Wayne in this trailer. I’m not going to lie; I was one of the people who was skeptical about him as Batman, but it looks like he is really killing it this trailer, so at least right now I stand corrected. I was most worried about Affleck’s Bruce Wayne, not his Batman, but I was really impressed with the with how he managed to capture Bruce in the opening scenes of the trailer. I am, however, still a little worried about Jesse Eisenberg playing Lex Luthor. I found him really amusing and fun to watch in the trailer, but I’m tired of always seeing people play Lex as goofy. Lex is shown to be more cool and confident in the Superman and Justice League animated series, and I still think the best live action portrayal of Lex comes from Smallville. But Lex has never been portrayed this way in the movies and I’m a little tired of it. I can’t say I won’t like Eisenberg’s Lex, but he might not actually be playing comic book Lex.

DC Comics is also finally stepping up their diversity game and this trailer gives us Wonder Woman’s biggest appearance yet. I have also heard that Aquaman will be in this movie, though he wasn’t in the trailer, which was a bit of a bummer. However, I am concerned that this movie is stacking the deck a little bit in order to catch up with Marvel. Is this a Justice League movie or a Batman/Superman movie? I hope we get to see enough of each of these characters and that they each play enough of role to justify their appearance. On the other hand without having both Wonder Woman and Aquaman in the movie there is very little diversity. So what I’m really saying is I hope the movie does both these characters justice (pun intended) and gives them enough time to shine.

Wonder Woman

Either way, I am very pleased with how Wonder Woman is featured in this trailer. I am glad that Wonder Woman doesn’t appear to be siding with either Batman or Superman in their little tiff—she appears to be taking on a leadership role and uniting our two male heroes to fight Doomsday. I have always felt that Wonder Woman, having been raised by the Amazons, had a lot more leadership qualities than either Bruce or Clark, so it would be cool to see her as the leader and being the one to really form the Justice League. But whatever they do, please for the love God let them avoid love triangles for Wonder Woman in any way, shape, or form. Just no.

Overall, though, this is the first time I’m excited for this movie and honestly, I can’t wait to see it now. I feel like it’s been a while since I have actually be interested in a DC Comics movie (other than Suicide Squad, though Jared Leto makes me nervous). As a big fan of DC Comics I’m excited to see them step up their movie game both in quality and in diversity. What did you think of the trailer? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I was the same way – was super happy to see this trailer. I told my Mom as soon as I saw it “If the trailer is any indication of the movie, it’s going to be sort of like a 60s Batman feel and I am totally ok with this” I was the opposite with Ben though: I thought he’d make a great Bruce Wayne, a terrible Batman. So glad he’s great at both. And, I am also bummed that Lex isn’t portrayed like he is in the animated series, because I love him so much there. But I will hold all Lex judgements until I see the movie, which I am also excited for! I haven’t cared for a DC movie in a long while (and really don’t care about Suicide Squad, to be completely honest) so am anticipating this movie greatly.

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