Trailer Tuesdays: Agent Carter Season 2

Season 2 of Agent Carter is finally almost here! After being pushed back two weeks due to the president’s last State of the Union address (#ThanksObama), Agent Carter is set to premiere next week on January 19th with a two-part episode. I can’t wait! So let’s dive right in.

Team Carter spent the summer roundly defeating Team S.H.I.E.L.D. in a dubsmash war for the ages, raising nearly 80k for charity and giving us some great videos on the way. Then, presumably, they got to work on Season 2. There are a number of trailers floating around out there for Season 2, but they all boil down to approximately the same thing: a montage of Agent Carter beating people up, set to jaunty comedy music. The one piece of information we get for sure is that Peggy (and Jarvis) are going to Hollywood. From the show’s press releases, it seems that Agent Thompson sends Peggy to Hollywood to work for Sousa, who has a strange homicide on his hands.

There were a number of things that we wanted Season 2 of Agent Carter to address, and it seems like there are at least some things we can look forward to. Dottie Underwood will be back, and it’s likely that there will be more Red Room shenanigans with her. Sousa, an agent who was one of the only ones to respect Peggy in Season 1, looks like he’ll be Peggy’s new boss, and I don’t expect any sexism from his corner. However, so far there isn’t any sign of the Howling Commandos, it looks like Angie Martinelli is only going to be in one episode, and there’s only one racially diverse addition to the cast (Reggie Austin, who will play Dr. Jason Wilkes, a possible new love interest for Peggy).

While the Howling Commandos could conceivably put in appearances later on in the season, I’m pretty disappointed by the other two things. All shipping aside, Angie is one of Peggy’s only friends, and including her in the show would only help round out Peggy’s character. Plus, they’re going to be in Hollywood—what better place for an aspiring actress to move to? And even though Agent Carter is still set in the 40s, that’s no reason for it not to have people of color, as we’ve written about before. I didn’t really have high hopes for the series on this front, but moving the show to a whole new location and then only adding one new person of color (bringing the show’s total major characters of color to… one) seems like a super low bar for ABC to flop over.

Despite all this, though, I’m still pretty pumped for the show to start. Peggy Carter was one of the first women to lead a Marvel property, and she was certainly the only one to do so without any loss of agency through sexual assault and other such traumas. Though ABC seems intent on putting out promos that only depict Agent Carter as some kind of comedy, if you watched the first season, you’ll know that it’s far from a sitcom. Peggy Carter is gritty and glorious, and I can’t wait to see her on my screen again on the 19th.

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