Web Crush Wednesdays: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Tavern

With my intense love of video game RPGs, it should come as no surprise to anyone that I, too, also have an interest in tabletop RPGs. Unfortunately, the one time I actually found a game, the group fell apart one session in and no one had taken the time to explain anything about the Dungeons and Dragons system to me. It was… certainly an experience. However, taking all the chutzpah I could possibly have for the remainder of 2016, I decided that I would run my own session of tabletop fantasy role playing funtimes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m driven by the thoughts of my players forging relationships, traversing perilous obstacles, and just feeling really cool in the settings I’ve thought up. But really, what I’m most looking forward to is seeing the ridiculous shit they come up with in the process of all of that, which is what today’s web crushes are about.

web crush wednesdays

I believe wholeheartedly in the phrase “truth is stranger than fiction”, and I have no doubt that my players will be able to come up with really… really strange things that I wouldn’t have even thought to think of. That’s part of the fun of tabletop RPGs. This truth is only proven by Tumblrs like Your D&D Stories and Your Player Said What.

Your Player Said What is a rather self-explanatory title, full of all the goodness free will should grant players and DMs. While it may not seem too wild to have a compilation of personal and submitted stories of witty or bizarre DnD instances, it’s definitely amusing to scroll through them, wondering what kind of situation would beg a player to ask the status of their potato. (The DM definitely answered it the same way I would have.) In addition to sharing this wealth with the internet, Player also compiled a list of tabletop podcasts, for those with an interest in listening, or looking for inspiration. In a similar vein, AC Stuart, the artist behind Your D&D Stories, encourages players and DMs alike to send in stories of strange events they’ve witnessed. However, these intriguing and often hilarious snippets get the pleasure of being drawn into cute little comics. Stuart’s style is charming, and in my opinion fit the subject matter perfectly (although there would be a certain hilarity in having an ostentatiously detailed fantasy drawing for something like a pun battle).

While I’m on the topic, I would be remiss not to mention the largest source of my newbie DM inspiration. It was by chance I happened upon Geek & Sundry’s show, Critical Role, in my YouTube sidebar. Despite the fact that I hopped on the train at episode sixteen, there’s nothing more fun than listening to a bunch of nerdy voice actors get so into their characters. Honestly, I can’t help but cheer alongside them when things go well—in addition to cringe when Wil Wheaton made a guest appearance in which he rolled a staggering amount of ones and twos (which is very bad). DM Matthew Mercer (whom you may know as Levi from Attack On Titan or Chrom from Fire Emblem) is literally the most intense DM I’ve ever seen: with a quick response for anything his players want to do and a way of keeping the game moving smoothly and quickly, he is the DM idol.

No matter where you may fall on the tabletop spectrum—from veteran to fellow newbie to confused onlooker—I hope today’s web crushes have, at the least, put a smile on your face. I highly recommend you continue to check them out in the future, and hey! If, like myself, you’ve been inspired to DM or join a campaign, go for it! And may the natural twenties be ever in your favor.

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