New Deadpool Trailer Keeps Me Skeptically Optimistic

During Christmas a new Deadpool trailer came out! So reviewing and talking about the new trailer is, I guess, a little late, but I don’t care. I love Deadpool and I’m going to keep talking about my hopes for this movie. There were several new things in this trailer that I was happy to see, such as the parody of objectification and more emphasis on the female characters in the movie.

Deadpool has often poked fun at how comics objectify women by having our main character himself pose in the same ways the many female characters are drawn. Deadpool is also shown posing in ways usually considered homoerotic, emphasizing his crotch or ass. In this trailer we have a scene at the very beginning where the camera zooms in on Deadpool’s crotch and then another where the camera zooms in on his spandex-clad butt. This not only mocks how female characters are posed, such as posters focusing on Black Widow’s backside, but also mocks the very heteronormative point of view that’s catered to in most superhero movies.

Deadpool posterThere are some people who believe that these posters are actually making fun of women and are mocking gay people. The argument goes that Deadpool is posed the way women normally are and it’s funny because a guy would never be posed in such a way, not because it’s poking fun at how women are often portrayed in comics. The same argument is made for the homoerotic scenes in this trailer and in the Deadpool posters that the only reason they are funny is because Deadpool is not gay, so it’s funny he is catering to a more homoerotic gaze. Both these criticisms are inaccurate—Deadpool is pansexual and while the movies could erase that, I’m choosing to remain hopeful that they won’t. As to the first point, while Deadpool doesn’t exist in a vacuum, it’s in Deadpool’s character to think he looks sexy posed in feminine ways. I think knowing more about the character’s personality as well as knowing that he is meant to parody comic book clichés tells us that Deadpool is not meant to be mocking women or femininity. Deadpool’s poses and his actions in this trailer are meant to do the same thing that the Hawkeye Initiative does, by showing a male character in the same ridiculous poses that women are put in to reveal how silly it actually is.

deadpool poster 2Speaking of how women are portrayed, I am adoring the glimpses we get of the female characters in this movie. There are actually a whole host of female characters in this movie and it actually looks like they will all feature pretty prominently. There’s Copycat, Angel Dust, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and Blind Al, and they all seem to play pretty significant roles. Blind Al is kind of the Alfred to Deadpool’s much crazier Batman. She is often the support system and calls him out on his bullshit. Copycat, played by Morena Baccarin, will be playing Deadpool’s girlfriend, but is a strong character in and of herself who also becomes a mercenary like Deadpool. I was annoyed that in some of the previous trailers it seemed like Copycat would be reduced to just being a love interest and then damseled. So it’s nice to see in this trailer that she is specifically rejecting that label and kicking some ass. I would love to see a scene where Deadpool goes to save Copycat only to find her walking away from her already defeated captors. That would be awesome.

Negasonic-Teenage-WarheadI’m most excited for Negasonic Teenage Warhead, though. She was actually never a really well known mutant superhero, but I’m loving her portrayal in these trailers. Negasonic Teenage Warhead seems to completely subvert the typical “sexy female superhero” stereotype, not to say that she still doesn’t look cute, but with the shaved head and no tight or revealing clothing, she certainly breaks the mold. I also love her lack of regard for Deadpool. It’s very clear this is a young woman who is not only powerful, but doesn’t let people boss her around. I really can’t wait to see her character in action. Angel Dust seems to be a villain in this movie though she was simply a member of the Morlocks in the comics. And while I’m excited to see a female villain as well, I was a little dismayed by the seemingly constant running gang of Deadpool joking that Angel Dust is actually a man. It comes off as a little transphobic to me and makes me uncomfortable. I’m hoping given context this won’t be the case, but I’m worried it will be. Deadpool has never been a perfect character so if these remarks are as transphobic as they seem in the movie, it would be good to have another character call him out of his bullshit.

As of right now I am hopeful the Deadpool movie will remain true to the comics and give us some great representation and female characters to boot. There are some things in the trailer that concern me such as the transphobic remarks and the continued lack of any indication of Deadpool’s sexuality, but I remain cautiously optimistic that this movie will live up to all my expectations. What do you think about the new trailer? Will you be seeing the movie on Valentines Day? Let us know in the comments.

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