Web Crush Wednesdays: Fan Bros Show

Black History Month keeps on moving, and it’s been one heck of a celebration. I’ve been celebrating by looking at great cosplay, learning more about creators, and of course, listening to new podcasts. This week’s Web Crush is going to be one I’ve just become a fan of, the Fan Bros Show!

web crush wednesdays

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m very fond of media that is proudly and loudly representative of the group it is from. My go-to phrase is “unapologetically Black” as of late, and it most certainly applies here! The FanBros show, the show where the bros are fans, voice of the Urban Geek, Multicultural Maestros. At the beginning of each podcast episode, the hosts introduce themselves, by name and then by a series of “also-known-as” names that are typically puns mixing urban and Black culture with nerd culture. For example, we start with DJ BenHaMeen aka Ham Newton aka Blerder She Wrote. Next is Tatiana King-Jones, the Grand Duchess of Tech aka Flex Luthor, Lambo Calrissien. And often, the cast is rounded out with Chico Leo, aka Answers with Wolves, aka Nick Furry. It’s pretty creative, but also an excellent way to set the tone for the coming show. Shortly after, they delve into news and general discussions about geek and nerd media, and Black-centered pop culture from the past week (or few days).

Other than general discussion, the Fan Bros Show includes a few segments. One is a standard viewer mail section, which is pretty self-explanatory: fans send in questions, the hosts answer them. Another segment they run is referred to as “This Week in the N Word” which highlights some of the racially-based nonsense that unfortunately permeates the nerd and pop culture media we consume. This is often a celebrity, creator, or critic that has said something insensitive or flat out wrong. But instead of simply labeling it racist and moving on, the hosts discuss what was really wrong with it, and why we should be aware of these issues. It’s just another touch that highlights the Blackness and urban flavor of the show.

Not only do the hosts discuss topics among themselves, but they often bring a guest into the mix. This breaks up the pace so that it does not grow stale with three people, but also highlights creators that listeners may not be familiar with. The savvy guests introduce themselves with a set of punny “also-known-as” names if they also listen to the show. After this and an introduction to what they do—typically in an interview style segment–they are treated to a series of lightning-round questions to help get to know them and spark discussion. Depending on the guest, this can lead to some really interesting tangents that fit in really well. Since every guest is different, the same questions will often lead down different paths. Besides this, they may go deeper into their field of expertise to give further thought from a racial perspective. Their discussion is great for introducing media and topics that are new to you.

In addition, they have a weekly associated show on their feed called Special Delivery, which is a recap of many of the previous week’s episodes in geek television. This is great for casual fans of geekdom who either can’t or won’t commit to viewing each and every show, but are still interested in the medium and want to keep up. This show still has opinions and some analysis, but is mostly recap. This is good as it keeps the episodes relatively short.

FanBrosYou can find them on their website at fanbros.com. They post links to the podcast there, as well as supplemental editorials, videos, reviews, and news. You can find information there on how to support them too. If this all sounds like something that may appeal to you, check them out! You can also find them on Twitter @FanBrosShow

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