Fanfiction Fridays: #BringHimHome by MelRows

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Has Mars Finally Cracked Mark Watney? Fo.x/5Fi3nI


omg listen up you fuckers i’m pre-law at georgetown. i can barely type i’m laughing so much. mark is a fucking dork. so technically no country can own anything in space unless they put it there. and if you’re not in any country, maritime law applies. NASA put the MAV there so NASA owns it, but Mars is “international waters.” because mark lost contact with NASA, no one can tell him to board the MAV, so when he gets there next year, technically he’ll be fucking “stealing” the MAV while in international waters aka a pirate. But he’s on fucking mars so he’s a fucking space pirate.

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Merry Christmas Eve! Thank you for your thoughts & prayers, but please direct any donations to Mark’s fav charities. List here: bit.l/G7w9iL

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Mark Message Notification: “SCHIAPARELLI OR BUST”

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I certainly didn’t go into this week thinking the coolest fic I’d read would be a story for The Martian. Even though I loved the book and liked the movie, I’m not sure if I’d exactly call myself “in the Martian fandom”. But here I am, ready to tell you about this fantastic fanfic.

the martian rover

If you read my long-ago Fanfic Fridays about a certain Captain America: The Winter Soldier story, you are well aware that I love fanfics that stretch transformativity to its limits by mixing various media. #BringHimHome exploits that idea to the fullest. As you can see from the above excerpt, MelRows combines Tumblr posts, Twitter posts, and a Mark Watney-centric smartphone app as a way to move their story forward, but they don’t just stop there. They also incorporate Facebook shares, emails, YouTube videos, news interviews, text messages, Reddit AMAs, posts from parenting blogs, and pretty much any other sort of modern media you can imagine in order to paint a fascinating and realistic picture of what life on Earth would be like while waiting for NASA to bring Mark Watney home. The only really questionable thing about the whole story is the idea that we’d still be subjecting ourselves to the hellhole that is Tumblr in twenty years.

(That’s a joke, son.)

This story is different from the fics I usually read because the story runs concurrently to the events of the novel and the movie, which means that while we get a different perspective of the events shown in the source material, it doesn’t expand on the character development in any particularly meaningful way. (Also different from the fics I usually read: no slash.) That doesn’t make it bad, though; just different, and it was a particularly fun change to read something that challenged my expectations for fanfic. I especially liked Melrows’s imaginings of where various celebrities and science gurus would be in twenty years, and what they’d have to say on the whole Watney affair.

#BringHimHome is a deceptively quick eleven-ish thousand words; I think the fact that the text is mostly in tweet-sized chunks makes it easily digestible. You can check it out here at the AO3!

mark watney video log

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